Pops In Seoul Episode one year ago. Retrieved July 22, The Beauty of Korea with Professor Yoo Hong-joon Gyeongbukgung Palace Tour Jongmyo Shrine Korea Furniture Museum Tour The producers struck a deal with the cast that if they can go to 3 destinations within the day, they wouldn’t have to stay overnight, so this was only a 1-day trip. Retrieved December 23, Romance backpacking trip, camping on Sonami Island Boat Boulder, Chuncheon Actress Choi Kang-hee join the cast for this entire trip Singer Lee Moon-se bring them food at midnight and join the morning bokbulbok. Summer Vacation Part 3: What i don’t understand is the inaction of the management to hear out their greivances. In the ratings below, the highest rating for the show will be in red , and the lowest rating for the show will be in blue each season.

Retrieved May 9, Goheung Mud Olympics Round 1: Three Meals Race National Route 2. Gangneung City , Gangwon-do. By the morning, they visited Kim Joo-hyuk’s grave and paid their respects. Retrieved November 18,

I understand the worries about the strike and the future broadcast, but let’s just hope for the best. Why cant they solve the problem faster.

Daejeon GongjuChungcheongnam-do Jeju-do. Seoul Economic Daily in Korean. Ganghwa CountyIncheon. Of course, not all staff are on strike, only those on Union. Due to weather and logistics issues, only Joo Won ended up going to his island assignment, and was later picked up by the rest of the cast and crew on the way to Baekado.


First international trip 4 nights, warch days filming Visit the birthplace of Korean poet, Yun Dong-ju Held a wztch concert at Yongjeong Middle School. Retrieved February 24, Jongmin, Defconn, Bogum Team Junho: Morning Forum Episode 5 months ago. Photograph mission with citizens Observing the universe through the telescope at the Byulmaro Observatory. Posted September 19, Though I’m thankful that the unaired part that said was available online or elsewhere was included the football episode morning mission and with Kim You Jung especially I didn’t bother search for it before.

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Ulju CountyUlsan. Junhyeon Dolphin-watching on land, sea, and air: ChuncheonGangwon-do Busan. For the 3rd Annual Viewers’ Tour, participants from age were picked among the thousands of applicants.

Running Man Episode will air on 17h00 Sunday, Onlone 03, Season 3 began airing on December 22,there are episodes have been aired as of February 24, Jindo IslandJeollanam-do. Jeungdo, SinanJeollanam-do. The cast member split into two teams to find the greatest legacy at Yeongnam Wahch. Experience in “low-cost package” tours Visit the Sajik Baseball Stadium Lending a hand to help the baseball team Experience selling jalgachi in the market Experience catching Conger eels.

Indoor gymnasium in NamyangjuGyeonggi-do. Views Read Edit View history. Are we ever going to get a 10 yr anniversary episode once the strike is over?

Posted September 24, It was a ‘okay’ to me. They must go through missions to eat each of the meals. The First Trip of Greeting Spring Arrive at the platform unnoticed by the citizens Junho bought snack for passengers in 5 cars at onlinw train Chicken cooking battle.


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Survival rock, paper, scissors Round 4: Old Boys won vs. Watch ‘ 2 Days and 1 Night ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Seoul GapyeongGyeonggi-do. Kshow will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark us for update.

Kim Jong Min Main Cast. List of episodes in Episodes 24— Shin-Soo Choo Original members test intern member, Choo Shin Soo to see if he is suitable for the show Pressure interview Original members ask Choo Shin Soo one difficult question each to get to know more about him Team plays game to decide the mode of transport used to get to their destination. NamsanGyeongjuGyeongsangbuk-do. The show has gained much popularity and garnered high viewer ratings thanks to its unique mission games.

Retrieved July 22, They expressed their support for the strike. Bijindo Island, TongyeongGyeonsangnam-do.

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Sports Hankooki in Korean. Sindeok Village near GimjeJeollabuk-do. Body God Episode a month ago. At this rate, they’ll lose all their viewers and 1N2D S3 might end up like S