With so little duplicate cards and so much draw, one could easily throw in Reno Jackson to stall out the game. I keep running into Alleycat, Ratpack, Kindly grandmother etc. It is totally not worth it! While still being great against Zoolock and Shaman, the Yogg-Saron factor gives you some hopes of lethal against control decks. February 10, at 3: Battle Rage is not that useful because the majority of the time you are either trading with your weapon or fully trading your minions. Standard Control Warrior is the quintessential control deck that picks up value through weapon removal in the early stages of the game.

Thank you so much for sharing the list! The Netherstorm made a lot of sense for the setting due to the large amount of science occurring in the World of Warcraft version of the zone, and in turn, Dr. Maybe you put a Hungry Crab in to tech Paladin decks. And the description says that the deck is likely not going to work??? April 22, at 7: If your hand is clogged with Weapons then you should be more readily using up the charges.

It is not that playable anymore because the majority of decks have golakka crawler in them which hard counters this deck, even maelstorm portal. Feel free to check out my twitter and twitch stream, I stream my ranked play on a regular basis. I have hit legend this month with that deck and I have played lot of mirrors too. May 7, at Tiers have been arranged. As Tempo Warrior falls out of favor, many players have chosen to pick up Dragon Warrior as the preferred mid-range Warrior build.


Stonekeep A Hearthstone player and writer from Poland, Stonekeep has been in a love-hate relationship with Hearthstone since Closed Beta. Not that I currently play the deck given the anti-aggro meta we have right now.

The Warrior’s Hero Power and 1-mana removals provide incredible early-game sustainability to stall for the late-game-focused mana curve. I have over 10, Ranked wins and over 8, tournament game win screenshots. I feel like i have to donate my life to the game to hit legend now. January 2, at The Boomsday Project was first teased on February 27th,when Blizzard announced the changes and new content planned for the Year of the Raventhe third year of standard format.

March 13, at 9: Cut 2 Ravensaurs and add 2 Mortal Strikes. Aggro decks are generally your weaker matchups, but Mid-Range Hunter should excel against other Mid-Range and Control decks.

Warrior Musical Chairs (July 03, 2016)

I say thisbecause many people come and say “meta snapchot is wrong”, “this deck should be tier 1” then awrrior see they are rank playersToggle navigation Tempo Storm. This deck is too abusive, played from rank 18 to hearfhstoneultra in a winstreak have to stop now because is late here. August 3, at 2: September 5, at 1: The meta is always super aggressive at the beginning of expansions. Shocked by the poster who went It was a lot though.


Inconsistent decks that are unrefined, out-of-flavor, overly niche, or retired. Even Pally is being nerfed xd It will drop to at least low tier on1. December 27, at seadon Valeera has well and truly “Vanished” from the Hearthstone ladder, and coming across a Rogue is a change welcomed!

Zamos’ Thousand Armor Warrior – Hearthstone Decks

As a combo deck, some classes will have a harder time dealing with a board full of Patrons than others; typically, Paladins and Druids struggle with board clear against Patron Warrior. March 10, at 1: Good job on the post nerf, I would say based on my experience with ranks post meta, you are spot on about Evolve Token being top, as that is the one deck—no matter which deck I try: D Subbed 1 mortal strike for 1 golakka hearrhstoneultra or random 2-drop i guess… thanks for your great work hearthstonetopdecks.

I would probably wait, but Leeroy is a pretty safe craft I would say. August 2, at 6: If you click that it should work seqson you again. It can be a dead card in the early game, and is just an okay draw in the mid-game because you are usually looking for damage at that point.

I subbed a Cpt.