This was news in most newspapers in year She threatened that she had good connections in high level of police and ministry through association of her friend Alam and that she would make my life horrible if I dared to disturb her. Usage of A along with other laws became deadly in my case I am an Indian businessman cum software engineer by profession. I never took any money or benefits from them. When he demanded his outstanding salary she asked him to come after two days. There are some lawyers who sympathize with you take their consultancy fees but never work for you.

I went underground in hiding and tried for anticipatory bail Sep I got anticipatory bail in A. You will have at least mental support from them. Nowadays bitches use many other deadly weapons other than A. Hi I live abroad. A police officer is never punished unless he does homicide. He gave supari to kill a tea vendor who was coming in his way to high ambition. She had enormous strength and I had to gather all my force to stop her from biting me. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

498aa police apply some sections of criminal law against the prey and get him arrested Torture the person in custody and get papers sstories by the person if required Make arrangements such that the person does not get bail for a few months. I had also voted for this new regime but this new regime was no good There were horrot, gangsters and touts at key political positions.

The person who gets these started only has to pay once and the victim pays for ever and hordor hardships never end. Political Scenario West Bengal politics had seen a massive change. Court may or may not ask for salary documents from foreign employer, but the middle-east NRI label itself can do some damage. I soon realized that she was a mad animal when angry. The entrance of the flat was from the big hall and the two rooms are there in the hall. My brother in law introduced this Alam to my wife.


What options do I have if I dont want to attend in person due to work obligations? My wife saw her domestic help talking to me. Just go to high commission and say what you have to.

False case against husband – Misuse of Section A? | Best Law Advisor

They received some telephone call from senior officer. I believe that the link between Mr. They locked me in my own home and handed over to police. The boy’s side is feeling the maximum pain at this time running around for anticipatory bails, avoiding arrest etc. She said I want to move back to IND permanently. She is now remarried and living in Canada, yet Gurpreet continues to face serious charges. I went home on 9 th Feb On this portal, I am writing on his behalf, as he is very lowly educated.

Enjoy that facility When you sense that there is matrimonial dispute and your wife has spoken to storiies to police there are reasons for getting yourself prepared.

I saw the copy of FIR and all false allegation was filed. Srories its submission to the inquiry, Australia’s Attorney General’s office acknowledges storries ‘dowry and dowry’-related abuse is a form of violence affecting women and families across Australia’, but adds: Police always demand police custody. My wife captured most of above documents and I had really hard time on several occasions Believe me the position of a giver is always higher and stronger than a taker.

My wife had always grudges that she was trapped to a poor family although we had not taken a single paisa of dowry. Usage of A along with other laws became deadly in my case I am an Indian businessman cum software engineer by profession.

In fact nobody was beating to her mummy. She started hitting herself by her own slaps. He appealed in high court and got bail from Supreme Court. 49a8

I am booked in a false A case which was filed after 2 months of my RCR petition wen i was return to india from australia. One day she had a fight with her lover over phone and she yelled that she had left him.


Republication or redistribution of PTI content, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent. They did not open the door. Though reports of NRIs duping Indian brides hog the limelight and get a fair representation in the newspapers, the male victims and their families allege that the government, media and judiciary alike turn deaf ears to their cases.

False case against husband – Misuse of Section 498A?

If I left her she would bite me. There first time I came to know about A. They jointly made a plan to solve the matter in legal way. I was alert from my wife but was caught unaware by hkrror daughters. Submit proofs to court of her beauty parlour or whatever sources of income, and stop depending blindly on storirs.

As soon as she knew that, she left me and after reaching India booked me and my family under domestic violence act and dowry laws,” Naveen from Florida said. For granting bail court asked me to sumbit the passport. After 6 months of marriage i managed to escape from her and working here in UAE for last 2 years never contacted her after thatNow she has registered a, dv, maintenance.

She told me that I could not stay over there. I am planning to approach the highcourt for quashing the case, or the worst case a speedy trial.

An experience in police or judicial custody can cause irreparable damage to your self esteem and self confidence. Whatever she did on that day was beyond imagination.