Most parts of these countries receive the major portion of their annual rainfall from May to October. The southern arm of Sulawesi is divided into northern and southern parts, separated by an alluvial plain. Although generally hilly, the east coast comprises several broad open plains of varying extent which are usually under cultivation. In the central part eleven ridges are distinguished. Each of the nine following volumes comprises an explanatory text and the corresponding map sheets covering the main regions of the world. The rugged, densely forested Zambales area alona the west coast is separated from the sea by a narrow coastal plain consisting of raised coral reefs and recent alluvium. The lowlands are drained primarily by the southward-flowing tributaries of the Chao Phraya river.

To the west is a mountain massif, and in the eastern part of the southeast arm there are extensive marshy lowlands. Riverine evergreen forest is more homogeneous and is distinguished by the abundance of Hopea odorata and Dipterocarpvs alatus in Viet Nam, while in Democratic Kampuchea Eugenia cambodiuna, E. General soil map of the lower Mekong basin. Eastern highlands The eastern highlands mainly consist of the Annam range, a massive range of mountains and hills 50 to km wide which extends some km from north to south to form the watershed of the Mekong river basin. The Bomberai Peninsula consists of the Plio- Pleistocene Buru formation, which is composed of thin-bedded sandy, silty and sometimes marly shale with abundant shells and carbonized plant remains. The western part of Mindanao is formed by the kmwide isthmus of the Zamboanga Peninsula. The climatic criteria selected e.

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In the eastern and western parts of the island the basement complex is overlain by the Tertiary Vigo series and Quaternary sediments. Rainy days are most tarik in September ; there are about seven days each in July, August and October, and less than live days in other months. Detailed definitions of the soil units and full descriptions of all the terms used may be found in Volume I of the set. He has acted in a total of films. The highest peak of the island is Mount Mantalingajan nearly m in the south.


Cebu consists of a single mountain chain surrounded by erosional surfaces with coral deposits uplifted to varying levels. Vertisols Conclusions The map 5 Topographic base. The central part of the island consists of Mesozoic and Plio-Pleistocene clastic sediments, except for a small area 5vs the southeast where Cretaceous metamorphics outcrop together with basic effusives.

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The eastern branches are the Brassey range, ending in the peninsula north of Darvel Bay, and a second mountain range ending in the Mangkalihat Peninsula. Heavy precipitation is common but of short duration, except on the east coast during the northeast monsoon, particularly in November and December. RajasekharAnjala ZhaveriMukesh Rishi.

The Korat series west of Nakhon Si Thammarat which consists of sandstone, conglomerate and shale is locally metamorphosed to quartz-phyllite and slate. The project, which started infills a cull in present knowledge of soil potentialities throughout the world and provides a useful instrument in planning agricultural and economic development programmes.

Its bed has been raised several metres above the level of the plain by alluvial accumulation. Tull 8 November These inland areas also have a large mean daily diurnal range owing to their continentality. During heavy rains this gorge causes the Nam Mun valley to inundate far upstream.

Granites and other plutonic rocks are more widely represented. The main chapters of this volume deal with environmental conditions, soil distribution and land use and soil suitability.

Sumba wa Sumbawa is a partially volcanic mountainous island. The core of the islands of the Halmahera group is formed by the crystalline basement complex which covers the southern part of the main island where basic intrusions also occur. Clusters of closely related colours have been used for soils which have similar characteristics, so that major soil regions can be 5ba. During the northeast monsoon the seasonal trough is far to the south of the country, often resulting in dry, cool, atriku weather.


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Rafi, Tanu RoyBrahmanandam. Tertiary limestone, marl, conglomerate and some sandstone and shale are found near Atjeh. The Red river has incised its course in the northern highlands, and toward the Gulf of Tonkin the valley plains of this river and its tributaries, especially the Song Bo Black rivercover a great area.


He was a school friend classmate to Ram Charan and Rana Daggubati. Dipterocarpaceae are dominant in the upper storey of the dense forests of northern and central Thailand. Furthermore, the associations may be phased according to the presence of indurated layers or hard rock at shallow depth, stoniness and salinity.

The metamorphic basement complex outcrops over a small area in the northeastern part of the island. The major topographic features are oriented roughly northnorthwest to south-southeast and comprise the western ranges, the central valley and the eastern ranges.

The greater part of the inter-massif zone consists of sandstones of the Korat series. The southwest monsoon may also be intensified by remnants of typhoons moving eastward from the China seas.

The occurrence of Gramineae characteristic of India and China appears to be related tagiku human intervention. To the northeast the mountains diminish in height and disappear below the sea, forming scattered small islands.