Got this one originally on my monthly order what a great deal for expanding horizons and I really liked it. The is why I love being among the others who love a good cigar. It’s a full but not overpowering cigar. Andy in Houston says: Now I’m going to have to do what one review said. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. One of my new go to smokes.

I would highly recomend this smoke to any. The deep, rich, oily wrapper on the outside of this is what really differentiates this from the Blue or White. I smoked the green label Tronco last night. Dressed in a dark, leathery Habano Oscuro wrapper from Nicaragua, this bold handmade employs an extensively aged mixture of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers to create a real sparkplug of a cigar. By the time I finished smoking this cigar I was so into it that I was ready to light up another right behind it. Then, in early , Eddie Ortega announced he was leaving the company to start his own outfit called Ortega Cigars. Heavy in the hand and oily to the touch, the Green Oscuro coats the palate with a dense bouquet loaded with rich, chocolatey flavors, coffee undertones, peppery nuances, and a long, toasty aftertaste.

Was looking at these for a few weeks and finally gave in and tried them.

However, it is the perfect complement to a nice big meal. A well constructed cigar. By Inspector in EO on Sep 23rd, Stogie Guys Free Newsletter Subscribe today for a chance to win great cigar prizes: There were no concerns on the way the tobacco was set within and the initial cut revealed almost no debris. This time, it is a Nicaraguan puro with a Habano Oscuro wrapper.


This is a notably spicy perfecto with a core of leather flavors and a long finish. April 24, at 4: The only major change was zerie introduction of a cedar flavor that came on suddenly and drifted away after about a dozen puffs.

As the Tronco approaches its midway point, the intensity of the flavors—and the nicotine kick—ramps up enough to merit an upgrade to full-bodied status. The home stretch is best characterized by an abundant burst of black pepper and espresso. I think these 2 embody the pepin signature spice. ReviewsVideos January 4th, This dark stick is oily and full of flavor.

Now I’m going to have to do what one review said. Stogie Links Follow stogiereview.

Cigar Review: Serie “Green” Tronco | The Stogie Guys

Starting out with a powerful full body smoke that becomes mellow without loosing it’s fullness. This smoke will stand up to anything. Off and on I was picking up flavors of black peppercorn that rounded out the smoke very well. I dont get alot of spice from this at all. His cigar recommendations were spot on for me. The body starts off in the full spectrum from the second the first puff enters your mouth and continues throughout the first third.

I am a believer in the Don. Subscribe by Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

601 Green Label Oscuro Cigar Review

The power of the smoke was still apparent but never approached the point of being overwhelming. This is one of those cigars Green Oscuro I wish was cheaper because it is just that good.


Showing of 48 Reviews Sort By Date: I don’t need to eat, but I need this cigar. Medium in body with a touch of full results in a consistent yreen anytime of the day. Esteli, Nicaragua Price Per box: It may socuro a door for you that you will never want to close!

After a neat and clean cut I tested the pre light draw and was happy with the result. November 12, at Yes 2 No 0. The Habano Oscuro wrapper is quite veiny, I find it the least attractive from the series. As always, thanks for the info in the review. The color is a deep brown with an attractive sheen. Very impressed with this coffee and dessert stick. First time I tried an Oscuro!

If you like a thick, chewy, dark smoke I had to take a double-take when I found out the Green belonged to the Grefn family. The Blue Label is a bit sweeter though.

Absolutely my current favorite. Another powerhouse from Not a complex stick at all but good medium bodied taste to me. This base flavor in combination with the powerful smoke made for an excellent combination.