He says that it is not to spoil the golden tempo of the song but instead to have the pleasure of acting in this song which belongs to his favorite hero. With all these potential in acting at this age, One might wonder why some of his movies doesn’t fit him well while he should really be working with top notch directors who have the ability to pull off the right acting skills in display! The climax scenes are to be shot in a helicopter in an important place in Chennai. Livingston,Santhanam and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan are part of the cast. Ayngaran International Music Director: They are releasing back to back and both carry good pre release buzz. The shooting was interrupted for over one hour but then continued thereafter.

Anjani Properties a real estate company offers 22 cents of land for Rs. On his part, Sundar says, “Guru Sishyan will be a full-length commercial entertainer, with enough importance to comedy and glamour. The director’s attention to detail, dream imagery, and color most notably a scene where Neeson washes the dye from Ricci’s hair as she lies stretched across an embalming table reminded me of the stark, Gothic beauty of Six Feet Under and Dexter. It is a bubbly role and I am part of not just the romantic sequences but also the stunt scenes. For the first time graphics is being used for an action film. Silver line Film Factory managed by S. Bhuvanesh apart from penning the screenplay and dialogues has also written the lyrics for three of the six songs.

The climax scenes are to be shot in a helicopter in an important place in Chennai. Login or Register for free. The cerebral serenity that was affordable to Benegal is, alas, denied to Shivdasani. Buoyed by the response to their earlier venture, Arun Vijay and director A Venkatesh have joined hands once again, this time for ‘Maanja Velu’. The album lists six songs.

Softmovieshop is the place for Tamil movies,tamil serials,video songs,comedy videos,gallery videos a. English MovieLbs. He says that it is not to spoil the golden tempo of the song but instead to have the pleasure of acting in this song which belongs to his aaravdahu hero.


The rule book drawn by her rigid parents is thrown to the winds as she is irresistibly drawn towards Jeeva. Mani Sharma Release Date: He plays the role of a crime detective unearthing a murder.

Vaanam Movie Review Online Softmovieshop www. I am confident that the movie would become a blockbuster,” she says.

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Raktha Charitra is based on the life of Paritala Ravi, a prime suspect in many murders. Take for instance, his super hit movies like Nadigan, Brahma or Walter Vetrivel where he perfectly donned the heroic role. The lessons he learns are at the heart of this truly funny, touching, and inspirational film. One character of Jiiva enacts a man who sells fish. She was taken to hospital immediately.

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This is not a forced one. We Have a Huge Catalogue of M. Agreed that during his peak time of acting, he himself did not extract as to which movies to opt for or which roles to play most of the while, but I did recognize an innovative skill in him where he could play positive and negative roles together with ease.

Maanja Velu Film News: Malayalam actress Sharmila is pairing with him. The very popular one-liners like “Thagadu Thagadu” or ” Ennamma Kannu ” elucidates them. This is the also the debut film of director Charles. Action – Romance Language: However, his role in the film is quite challenging and as equal as the lead role, Vivek Oberoi who is portraying the role of a rebel-turned politician Paritala Ravi.

It stars Radhika Pandit and Deepak in the lead roles and has veterans like Ramakrishna, and Vinaya Prasad in the cast. None other than himself could have matched the roles he had portrayed in Vedham Pudhidhu or Onbadhu Roobai Nottu.

Chak de India girl Vidya malvade Hot Song noumanfromkpr 7 years ago. Which I have to say is a great way to approach a thriller. Thyagarajan and written and directed by R.

What exactly that moie is the mystery. The segmented plot – tautly written and worded – takes the protagonist through three phases in her life, all qualified by a male presence.

Kadhal Meipada Movie Gallery: What follows is an action-packed adventure through the streets of Chicago as the three are pulled deeper and deeper into a desperate spiral of deception and violence T P Siddaraju who came to the rescue of 18th Cross.


He is often considered as a special actor who has the ability to come up with spellbinding looks and performances in all his films. G V Prakash Kumar Lyricst: About Me Tamil Movies View my complete profile.

Catch her if you can. For the next 5 days, not even a single child did enter the village and the filming was done without any interruption. Suman, Feroz Khan, Aashima, Dheena. Feature Video See why you should use folkd. Julie realizes she now has the problem of how best to tell him about her secret profession.

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It has yesteryear actor Karthik making a comeback in a powerful role. Director Shivdasani, so far not renowned for any extraordinary skills of sensitivity, keeps wtch narrative miraculously free of verbal and visual sleaze.

Vansm one-liners would sure bring the roofs down. Ashima is undergoing treatment at a hospital. The title of the film is derived from the Mahabaratha in which the sixth forest Aaravathu Vanam was supposed to be the toughest for the Pandavas to go through and the battle was the bloodiest in the whole war when going through this passage.

Almost aaracadhu major Kollywood hero has tasted success when he has played a dual role. Naveen Chathappuram, Prema Thekkek Writers: A press meet of Nanjupuram, an upcoming movie directed by Charles, was held in Devi Sridevi preview kovie Chennai. As informed by RGV about the two part movie of the story, it is not clear if the budget is for both the parts put together or just the first part!

Says the ace director: This combo has already proved their prowess together and so gives great expectations to the viewers on the possibilities of becoming a super hit new comedy duo in Tamil cinema.