I was kind of obsessed with it, no pun intended. So I break apart and add, “I want you for eternity, not for a brief moment in time. Alphas Like Us View in iTunes. Earth is closer and closer. Click I have iTunes to open it now. Another contention is the sex scenes. The relationships also play a key role, each one holding significance and each considered to be priceless amongst this tight knot group. I haven’t read a book that basically shows the characters’ strengths and flaws through a reality TV show.

Krista and Becca Ritchie are auto-buy authors for me! Each phase is a complete story line with a satisfying enough conclusion. Rose is still snarky View all 7 comments. Just to be clear. I am crazy addicted to these books. And their playful side comes out when they play Fuck, Marry, Kill association game..

To say that I was looking forward to reading this book would be an understatement.

And I swear she pissed on my Jimmy Choos, although I can’t confirm that. But how much love is too much? He probably wouldn’t even notice if you [Lily] hit on him.

I meet those fierce yellow-green eyes. The writing is amazing and makes it so easy to fly through them. Despite the fact that Rose was a virgin and seeries were still intimacy issues, we missed a year of their relationship. OM drama, but as I mentioned above Rose is not interested. She’s a hostile bitch like me. I just love it and I love them. I love how despite having their misunderstanding and disagreements within each other, they are always united against an outside threat.

View all 41 comments. They have a crazy dynamic and I honestly don’t know who I like the most. The couple, yet still the rivals. So it saddens me all the more to say that the story took such a disastrous nose dive afterwards, mainly due to its long-windedness and I honestly couldn’t have cared less about that Big Brother drama after a while.


I felt like I fell in love with Rose a little more because of the narration. I just couldn’t help it! Addictee has been dating her intellectual counterpart for a year now.

Read [Epub] Online: Tangled Like Us (Like Us, #4) by Krista Ritchie – BookStore

How you fill my soulless heart with your filter-less hostility and endless need to sanitize every surface. So why not 5 stars? I was kind of obsessed with it, no pun intended. Since this was a reread and I’d just read those two novels, there were times when this felt a little repetitive and slow. Becca Ritchie Goodreads Author.

Ivy league educated characters who all need some native intelligence. I’ve never been so possessed by another person before.

[Epub] The Raging Ones (The Raging Ones #1) by Krista Ritchie ~ Sylvia D. Tamayo

There are several ways to read this series: So, Rose has come up with a plan to polish up the image of the Colloway sisters and raise their popularity to new heights: Connor, is smartass but he isn’t perfect, he had a not so perfect childhood. I never thought Connor would be so funny and sinful under his exterior and I never imagined Rose would actually be likable. View all 23 comments.

Every single event, every piece of drama made perfect sense for the story. View all 7 comments. A real life scenario that could happen to anyone. It’s fire to my water.


Read [Epub] Online: Tangled Like Us (Like Us, #4) by Krista Ritchie

Here, I thought the story couldn’t get any better than Lily and Lo’s from the Addicted series. Do right by me and all of his sins are absolved.

My head is still spinning. I want it all, like her, and I have no fucking problem to express it. And consequently, I feel the same about the authors. Overall, the book was very moving, but the ending left with the best and lasting impression.

Kiss the Sky

I just simply cannot get enough of Thrive and this world. I will CUT a bitch. It has everything in spades — fantastic writing, an original plot line, and characters you can’t help but fall in love with.

I can’t lose her.

Everything was so multi-layered, and there were so many stories happening at once that were all connected, all linked. We hated seeing Lo take such a harsh stand with Ryke. I loved getting into the heads of these two unique characters and I devoured every word from start to finish.

Addicted for Now View in iTunes. Fortunately, my worries were pointless.