Once you’ve done the puzzle, pick up Key Glyph 3 to the left of the stone head. Activate your orb now and complete the jigsaw puzzle as per this image. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements. Now you can use the hint button in the bottom right hand corner five times to complete your final achievement in Episode One:. The walkthrough for this chapter will be bulletpoints for ease of reading, except where certain information is required. This will give more power to the furnace room. I’ve Seen This Symbol Before

Find the Radicals’ hidden camp and make your introductions. Completed the Knight’s Tour chess puzzle in Amaro’s cave without undoing a single move. Complete the Knight’s Tour chess puzzle in Amaro’s cave without undoing a single move. Click on the object shining to the right of the arrow. Pick up the broken shard behind the plank and then click on the green crate twice to get a coil of rope. Do not go through it yet. Find the items and complete the puzzle to obtain rolled paper and a leather scrap.

Completed the Blue Grotto orb game without losing a single node to an orange sphere. This Way, That Way 6 5. Above the spear, you’ll see a small water pool, of which your character will mention water beetles. Find the three animal tokens to unlock the Ceremonial Gate. The idea is to move all of your slats to the left hand side, but those pesky sliders do make this a tricky one, so follow these steps slats are numbered and pegs lettered a-f as per this image:.

Glyph Master 40 25 Use the key glyphs to open the door to Amaro’s Tower. Attach your hooked chain to the end of the rope to dig up a chest. Now you’ve removed the snakes and popped that achievement, leave the blockage for now, and go back to the main screen by clicking the X in the miniscreen top right corner or the down-pointing arrow near the hint button.


The Game Xbox Guide.

Adera (Win 8) Walkthrough – Page 3

Click the shiny pots behind it to find another glowing fragment and a carving hammer. TrueAchievements Log in or Register Free. Clicking the down-pointing arrow will take you back to the previous room episod starting room.

From 4, Click on the box that you used to get the viewpoint of the top of the shelf.

Back up once and click on the shiny area in the centre of the circular floor. This will unlock the following achievement: No Node Left Behind.

Adera (Win 8) Walkthrough

Filled every available space in all three levels of the Wire Puzzle on the falling glider. Go to the room with the stone hoops where you got one of the brass turtles up epsode stairs to the right of the stone wreckage.

Go back to the previous room the one with the big stone headby pressing the down-pointing arrow. Back out of this area and turn to face the ritual room again. Aderan Intuition 18 10 Complete Episode 3: Use the key glyphs to open the door to Amaro’s Tower. Dear Diary 5 5 Use the Journal.

Among the Sleep Guide. Activate your orb now and complete the jigsaw puzzle as per this image.

Use this image if you are struggling to find any of the items. Home Away From Home. Activate the orb by clicking on it, and complete the jigsaw puzzle by rotating and fitting the pieces. Of Glass and Ink Guide. Click on the stepladder in your inventory, and then click on the glowing blue puzzle piece to the left of the starting room’s screen. Drag the turtles onto the fountain.

Use this image if you need help. In order to get all of the achievements in Episode One in the fastest possible time, make sure you do not use the hint or skip puzzle buttons at all during your first playthrough.

Press the down-pointing arrow to walkhhrough back to the previous room. Find another metal disc on the left and a stone hex tile on the right. I can only suggest try moving the square pieces as much as possible, and move the rectangle pieces as little as possible, so really, just use the small pieces to make space for the big pieces to move out of the way. No Node Left Behind.


Stop the Elders’ plot and save the Aderans from encapsulation. Thanks for Flying Adera Airlines. Pick a share option mail, skydrive, etc and unlock your first achievement:.

Balance Has Been Restored 58 Place your marbles here to begin another puzzle. Click on the hoop to the left of you, closest to you. You’ll see something in there. Surface Dweller 24 15 Escape the Aderan underground and make it back to the surface.

Pick up another gear in the walkthroubh of this area. I’ve Seen This Symbol Before You’ll see a glyph in a compartment.

Click on the ground in front of the newly discovered obelisk not on the arrows and collect the two stone hex tiles here. True Mastery 34 15 Complete Episode 5 on Trailblazer difficulty using no hints. You only get ONE attempt at this, so if you somehow do fail, you have to start the entire episode over again to get this achievement. Keep rotating the pieces along the outside of the mini-game board, clockwise, until you’ve completed the mini-game.

This Way, That Way 6 5 Travel back and forth between the same two scenes four times in 30 seconds. Now you’ve got all four fuses, click on the fuse box, and put all four fuses into it. Gather all the collectibles in Episode One.

This Way, That Way. This one is tricky.