She later asked me if I had eaten but I said no. So, whenever I abuse people in movies, it is also to pass a message. There was a time that Baba Sala came to perform in Ekiti. My father so much loved me that he never allowed anyone to beat me or maltreat me in anyway. He told me that he used to be an armed robber, and that it was when they killed his gang mates that he started piracy. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I used part of the money to pay for the bus that conveyed our costumes to the venue of the rehearsals. I have never made women a priority in my life.

My life has always been about my work. So I quit school and went to train to be a pharmacist. They were fond of choosing the finest girls in the group to become their lovers; in fact, if care was not taken, they could decide that they wanted to date the wife of the group leader. As we were on the way, they made several stops to raid some other people. There was a time that Baba Sala came to perform in Ekiti. He was surprised, so I showed him the letter of invitation from Adelove. He shares his experience with Ademola Olonilua.

Omaku Eleshi Ananeyi is a Journalist with keen interest in social reformation, a spontaneous writer, an impulsive reader, and a talker. I cannot say that I was a quiet child. Elesho also encouraged more young Nigerians to get involved in politics. My friend later pointed out the lady that was insulting me and we asked her to join us.

However, what makes him peculiar is the fact that whenever he admonishes people, there is always a lesson or two to pick from his words. These men were born leaders and they knew how to put their homes in order.

I believe that any right thinking person would know that whatever I do in a movie has to do with the story that is being told.


Veteran actor, Adewale Elesho, is known to be sharp-witted. In a chat with Sunday Scoop, he gave badly dressed girls as the reason why he chose to quit acting. Once they were done, they could say that the rehearsal was not good enough and that we should come again another time. There was a time I caught the person who pirated a particular movie of mine, and he threatened me that if I took him to the police station, he would come back for me. During that time, there was nothing like contraband and we bought our drugs from big stores in both Ibadan and Akure.

That was when I decided to quit the business. Till today, these virtues are a part of me. How were you able to handle your female fans that flocked around you when fame came knocking? It was my boss, Adeyemi Afolayan, popularly known as Adelove, that invited me to Lagos.

They have the knowledge and energy to perform. Besides, I was very brilliant in my primary school days as I was one of the best pupils in the school.

However, I will like to implore the government to do more for us in terms of crushing piracy.

Yoruba actor, Adewale Elesho – I am not broke

I was told that my christening was a very elaborate one as well. He told his personal assistant to take down my name and also give me adewwle invitation letter. That was when I started acting professionally. Your email address will not adewwle published. Learn how your comment data is processed. Ironically, Olukoga is no longer into acting because of the stress involved. Eventually, the MC came and I had to leave the stage.

I went with my friend to shoot a movie in Ibadan and after the shoot, he said I should accompany him to a funeral and I obliged. I ended up parting with N20 after they had put me through hardship. It would be right to say that moview father was quite wealthy because he made sure he bought cars for all his children who were into transport business.


Vlogger Sisi Yemmie welcomes her second child February 25, I told them I could not give them N50 anymore because I had to borrow N We did mvoies for fun. It is very natural for people to fight. He probably heard our drumming and came to watch us perform.

Privacy Overview This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Click here for details. She said that was why she told them not to give me food. Popular actor, Adewale Elesho, has been in the Nigerian movie industry for over 30 years. I was so furious because the sun had beaten me severely all through the journey and besides the fact that I had offered them N50 earlier that day.

Our youths must go into politics to change Nigeria’s fortunes –Adewale Elesho

They threw me behind their roofless pickup truck and took me to Akure because Ekiti State had not yet been created. I went as far as borrowing an extra N30 and gave them N50 but they also refused. Whenever my father was going out, some of us his kids would go with him but because I was different, it made me feel inferior.

Even in my house, I cannot watch most of the films that are released adrwale because there is really nothing to learn from them.

He later came to meet me and tried cajoling me slesho I rebuffed him mivies said that I was no longer interested in rehearsing under his supervision. The film was in two parts and it was a very interesting one.