Ali expresses his frustration for loss; his home that he will never see again. Sign up for the newsletter Receive updates on our latest ventures, exclusive essays from our editors, discount offers, and more, direct to your email. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. Ali threads the story of the martyrdom of the Shia hero Hussain throughout his elegy, keeping the history and hope of transcendental violence always before us, drawing strength from the strain of esoteric Islam that runs through his work. The book accompanied me everywhere. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library.

It was unkempt, dirty. What results in the rest of the poem is the alluring tension of a slave trying to master the master. Receive updates on our latest ventures, exclusive essays from our editors, discount offers, and more, direct to your email. So scared that one day I decided to never return to his books. The Jogger on Riverside Drive, 5: Kashmir shrinks into my mailbox, Last Line: The Previous Occupant pp.

Flight from Houston in January pp. I told him right away I had gone mad. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Thank you, for reminding me why I loved him in the first place. Notify me of new comments via email.

But this was to change for good, once and for all. It was for fhe first time I was reading Agha Shahid Ali. From outside I could see books arranged in a particular order on wooden shelves. It is an affliction caused by being away from home. Your history gets in the way of my memory. The introduction was over.


Reading Agha Shahid Ali

The book accompanied me everywhere. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

An afha with author Agha Shadid Ali is presented. It was spring now.

The stories of immigrants, refugees, and exiles can tell the history of a nation. But subcontinent always spoke to you: I came back home dejected. Through Shahid I discovered myself. Ali considered himself to be a varied mixture of multiple cultures which have affected his identity but he still likes to call himself a Fo.

Leaving Your City pp. I wanted to know more about him. I went to look for the traces of the shadow in the hope that I might salvage it from the wreck of your language. I bought the book from a local bookstore.


More About this Poet. From Rumi I had carried with me the utmost respect for books. And I fell in love with my poet all over again.


When I bought it I felt it in my hands. I knew I was in agony. As editor of Ravishing Disunities: Homesickness is viewed both as a frustration and loss in life.

From Poetry Off the Shelf March Story of a Silence pp. It is dealt in different genres of literature- novel, drama, poetry etc. For some it is grief-stricken and for some it is a harsh reality of life. Poems of Muslim Faith and Islamic Culture.


Thoughout the winter, as it snowed outside, in srinagar, I read Rumi to my friend in obstinate classrooms. Postcard from Kashmir pp. Mon Oct 15 Night reading mode. Agha Shahid Ali in his poems pictured the discord between a loving vision of home and its harsh actuality.

In Islam we were not allowed to address him as a god. Agha Shahid Ali ppains by Michael Stuhlbarg. I knew I was going to be a writer. Features poet Agha Shahid Ali. Fill in your details below or click an icon zli log in: Articles Agha Shahid Ali: In Kashmir, where the year; Last Line: Introduction to Bestiality and Zoophilia. Two days later I returned to buy the book.

My wandering was over. V Raman University Bilaspur, C. Though I had an idea who Krishna was, I could have stood up before the class and told them he was a raucous naughtiest flute playing gopi wooing Hindu god, I refused to acknowledge I knew him. I imagined myself telling from the smell of apricots if it was mid summer or early autumn. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.