It helps if you know Japanese for this one, especially since a lot of the jokes you really have to understand Japanese culture to probably get. Choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns, set the background color, widget divider color, activate transparency, a top border or fully disable it on desktop and mobile. I always get the feeling that the whole flirty, Chapu Chapu routine is a big act to trap us all into worshipping her. I was so scared thinking there was someone in the house that i creeped out only to see my sofa turning green. In the position evaluation, she was in the team which chose the song “HandClap” by Fitz and The Tantrums, she ranked 5th place out of the 6 people in her group, she did not get any benefit. So her having her own program became this huge thing, I think, in the AKB community.

Nana Okada Saya Kawamoto. So here we are. Feel free to ask anything else! You can also subscribe without commenting. It would go something like Aki-P approaching him and asking him if he would be interested in doing a variety show with one of the AKB members and Hiroiki, who was starting to make a comeback from his epic decline into the shitter, kind of scrunches up his face and almost talks himself out of doing it. Nakai san, how are you? The old Team 4, which was disbanded back in October , will be revived to house 16 research members who have all been promoted to become regular members. Mostly practical jokes put onto the girls.

The old Team 4, which was disbanded back in Octoberwill be revived to house 16 research members who have all been promoted to become regular members. Muto passed the AKB48 12th generation audition for the trainee section kousago February I mean, what a show, right? I swear she could actually be a real host and nobody would know any better!

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What is dojl part of Maeda Ami being brave 0. I mean, where to even start? So her having her own program became this huge thing, I think, in the AKB community. This page was last edited on 29 Januaryat So here we are.


She didn’t qualify in rock-paper-scissors tournament on September 20, The couple of times that SKE has come to the program to take it over, Kojiharu has had to anchor her team and do her best to eepisode sure AKB retains kouxagi respect and representation on the show. Retrieved September 1, She triple confirmed this statement, drawing laughter from everyone. They seem to always have a blast doing whatever they do on that show.

I will try my best on the stage so that people sense something has changed in me. On June 26,Akimoto was appointed as the Goodwill Philippine Tourism Ambassador in order to promote the Philippines as a tourist destination in Japan. Ah, you fell sick because of Watanabe! Its perfect eoisode grabbing the attention of your viewers.

The Kenkyuusei all worked hard together, so we all wished to get promoted together.

What did you do? Like I know her or something? I wonder what it will be like when she graduates?

I would also say that Meru-Chan did as well, and Haruppi. Japanese idolsinger, actress. She was sometimes seen performing with the group during their live appearances on TV when the other featured members are on busy schedules.

It was moments like this when you could actually sense the genuine learning going on by the girls that Kousagi Dojo transcended so much of the fake bullshit in most Japanese kousgai shows and became something really honest. I am very happy that our dream came true.

[IKUDON] 140131 AKB Kousagi Dojo episode 58 Subtitle Indonesia

Regarding her future, she said: I think she loves cosplay. Wow, did that stir up some waves. She episde explained that she skipped a lot of training and practise lessons of her basketball club in High School because of the lack of time. For those who have already watched it please dojk with us, as amb those who have not! Anyways, I wanted to say that this is a hard one because show48 is currently down and that is the only aggregate video site for AKB with english subtitles that I know of.


She was also featured in Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai ‘s coupling song, “Summer side”. As some of you may have gotten it, Kousagi Dojo has been released in Sub Her family was suspected of accepting social welfare but Akimoto denied it by writing a blog post about it, saying that her family was indeed not wealthy but did not depend on social welfare and that she was happy to be born into this family. Feel free to ask anything else!

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As explained in an early episode of AKBingo! In the interview, she expressed her ardent love and the passion for AKB and talked about how she felt at the time of hair-shaving. My number 3 is HKT Odekake!. Anyway, the whole series was my first exposure to the freshness of HKT and of course, my HKT oshimen who I swear makes me want to oshihen!

So watching Sasshi just be herself as she tries to grow as an idol on the show is pretty hysterical.

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Yes, instead of swimming, they ran over the water on planks. My favorite pie is coconut cream. They own a pet beagle named Oguri. Sorry for the late response.