Which it kinda is They use it for the Dino Gymnastic Formation to blow up the monster. Kagezuno Member Join Date: Should be a fun ride on the way there. Love how they even added the helmut clips to the Powerful Rangers’ outfits. Been watching Akibaranger from season 1 up to now

Malshina tells Pain the dinosaur guys are there so make sure the monster can deal with them. How is everyone today? The Powerful Rangers and their ridiculous English are my new favouritest things ever. Is Luna quitting going to be the running gag for this season? I seriously could not. General Pain is out and about for once while Malshina is communicating with him complaining there is no monster yet. Advertisements, Selling Posts, Pyramidas Schemes, etc.

Malshina does her usual retreating. Originally Posted by acdcguy.

I wonder if they were also making jabs at the Power Rangers fandom? Akibaranger Season 2 Episode 5: I also wonder what the overall plan with removing older Sentais and replacing them with Akibaranger. Find More Posts by Zkibaranger. The “What anime are you watching” thread. Which it kinda is Send a private message to ironmouse. Never escalate a fight, and remember the report function.


But I still loved the episode! I just realized Kusao Takeshi who did the voice for Dragonranger was the voice of Billy a. Want to add to the discussion? What Will The Akibarangers Do?! Ryusoul Red, Ridewatch revealed! The time now is Find More Posts by Galvantula. I seriously ajibaranger not. No memes allowed unless it is on Meme Monday. You aren’t the target audience, get over it. Find More Posts by Waverider.

Find More Posts by Kiryu. Nobuo thinks lying and telling Luna that being in Akibaranger will boost her career. The Dairanger episodes went far more indepth into the shows history. Submit a new text post.

Send a private message to Eric. They use it for the Dino Gymnastic Formation to blow up the monster. I hope the plot starts moving a little more as the half akivaranger mark is closing in.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Perhaps they were high on pot while listening to Mastodon and got terribly confused.

Remember to mark any details that haven’t aired yet with spoiler tags.

There was some good Zyuranger references, but all in all, the episode seemed very rushed and feels like it was more just there to sell the upcoming Zyuranger Figuarts than anything the else. Submit a new link. So while I get what they did and why they did it I feel like I should be insulted cause they were really saying that “Powerful Rangers” was the inferior product.


Nobuo and Yuko bring up plot points from Zyuranger trying to remind them of their original selves.

Kamen Rider Geiz Revive. Find More Posts by Eric.

Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger Season 2 Episode 5 Discussion Thread! : powerrangers

It was great to see General Pain outside of his bedroom hopefully setting up for a longer plot. Figuarts Hell Bros Gallery.

Make sure you flair any self promotional content. Love how they even added the helmut clips to the Powerful Rangers’ outfits.

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