Cold steel itself is a kind of sharp weapon like knife or sword. Caligula could be died already, but he just physically died. Toward an understanding of will to power, there are phases before it comes to will to power. The competition among the poets, and the gray scale of characters personified by the band of Plebeians evinces the various shortcomings of different ways of engaging the world. The air tonight is heavy as the sum of human sorrows. Unfaithful to man, loyal to himself, Caligula consents to die for having understood that no one can save himself all alone and that one cannot be free in opposition to other men. Their motives is clear; to kill the crazy emperor. Method of the Study The writer will use library research and philosphical approach.

Cherea and Scipio as the frontline were ready to assassinate him. Caligula as the greatest work of Camus contains so much ideas and truths of revolutionary act. Caligula wished all men to live by light of truth. The oppressed which are previously being an object of power, try to change the case to be the subject of power. He orders all the people to look at him and the mirror behind his standing, making the people in the room horrified. D as one of his lecturer. The purpose is to analyze the domination of power by the characters in the play.

Scipio and Cherea are the supporting characters who will end the madness of Caligula in the end. It represented Caligula killing people carelessly.

What Every Student Needs to Know. Then he caliugla a new value that human life has no importance. You are commenting using your WordPress. The mirror breaks and at the same moment armed conspirators rush in Caligula also stated one of Scipio attributes in his dialogue with Scipio.


You can take arms against a vulgar tyrant, but cunning is needed to fight down disinterested malice. According to Nietzsche, the will to power of the exhausted will lead to freedom. Caligula wished all men to live by light of truth.

Patricians followed by the intendant enter the room from the opposite side where Caligula enters. I have chosen a wrong path, a path that leads to nothing. Semarang, 20th November M.

They mean more than ordinary elements. Notify me of new posts via email. The truth that men die while they are not happy and that his people were in a state of decadence triggered Caligula to be the value-positer of Rome. Historically, this event took place January 24, AD Helicon has failed you.

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It constituted the greatest work of Albert Camus. Caligula is symbolized as power. From all of the three versions, Camus regarded that the cakus Caligula was the version. Later, Scipio negated the impression of his change toward Caligula. He takes the word of those around him, he forces them to logic, he levels all around him by force of his refusal and by the rage of synppsis which drives his passion for life.

What changes happened to Caligula triggered his people against him. It also constituted the greatest work of Camus. Objectives of the Study For the intrinsic theory, the writer uses plot, character, and symbol. This is caused by the fear excited by the weak or the exhausted when they come up in highest energy. As Scipio said to Caligula: Method of the Study The writer will use library research and philosphical approach. The play was about the set up of a socialist state in Oviedo after the succession of the rebels which crushed two weeks later by the government troops.


Caligula by Albert Camus (1938)

In the play, Caligula is supposed to be using the logic of modernity cost-benefit analysis, calculations, utilitarianism and taking it to its logical conclusion. This is what makes human die while they are not happy. According to Brown and Olmsted in Language and Literature, language itself is a symbol, as they say: Maybe it exposes the ridiculousness of a system, but its a system no one really believes in the real world within which we participate.

The recent oppressor which is now the oppressed will do the same thing as the recent oppressed. It is surprising that Caligula seemed to caigula ready to accept his end. Another picture of Caligula changed his attributes can be seen in his dialogue with Helicon.

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Caligula tells Helicon that he was searching for the moon in the days of his absence. This is why most of his plays were heavily voicing violation and revolution. He wanted to share his knowledge that the world is quite intolerable and in an unequal footing.

And this, this is happiness; this and nothing else By shnopsis the study, the writer tries not to abert the discussion too general. In fact, Caligula made up a plot in changing the world.

After a moment of argumentation, the guardsman enters the room and says that the emperor was seen in the palace gardens.