It should be something like this: The plant engineers greet you as you enter. I didn’t remember, you see–” Jerdana chuckles gently. Um, perhaps we should explain matters to my friend over here. The bottom of the table leg is perfectly flat, but it’s exactly three inches short. Go back to the main Altador map, and click the water tower to go to the Altador Water Distribution Plant. Go to the Hall of Hero by clicking here.

You need to mouse your cursor around the right of the quarry till you find a clickable rock. The Altador Water Distribution Plant is responsible for correctly routing Altador’s water supply through its aqueducts around the city, and ensuring Old Follies …. Here’s a simple summary for navigating the teleschope: I wish I had the time to join a club. I’ve done it all in order too. The plant engineers greet you as you enter. Posted February 29, I’ve tried randomly playing with the switches, I’ve tried flooding the place and then clicking all the switches and wheels once.

To start, let’s discuss what these symbols mean. Your first step is to visit this Hall. To jellynso so, click the stairs behind the statue of Gordos.

Since Jibbles was a co-author of these guides, he has been allowed to post it here: Each time you click on the left of the telescope, the number on the left of the comma is lower, if you click on the right, it will be higher. Why did you push it anyway?! I had some difficulty with the constellations as well. I just wanted to thank you again for helping us out and being such a great club member.

If you don’t mind, I’ll put your name on it as co-author, since after all, it’s your findings that the paper’s based on, so you really deserve the credit. Once again, congrats and thanks for sticking to JN for your plot walkthrough! You’re on your way to finding the Hunter constellation.


I thought so, but it’s impossible when copying mine by opening up the source, pressing ctrl A and then ctrl C and copying it does nothing. With your very own telescope, learn to search the heavens for interesting cosmological phenomena, see ancient nebulae, and identify constellations! At this point I’m assuming jumpstart has just made this bloody impossible for me to do because I am have tried literally everything Now, you need to visit the Archivist again, and he’ll show you how to find the other half yada yada yada Oh, and don’t mind the lack of light inside the hall.

Basalt stone processing plant Basalt is the ideal materials to mix asphalt mixture. For the last time phew! Somebody please help me with this. The first two pages are the only ones written, though. Now There are no active daily alerts.

Prizes have finally been released. I’m up to this page in the guide http: Well, actually, visit the Hall of Heroes.

I’ve done it all in order too. Yeah, it is random. A loud ringing sound echoes throughout the room, and across all Altador. Sign in Already have jel,yneo account?

Neopets Altador Plot Solution and Walkthrough

Welcome to myTDN, guest! This plot guide is NOT to be reprinted on any website or resource without permission from the administration. You need to find the next “three. We lay our guide out in a simple, step-by-step fashion, so you’ll never get lost.

Looks like we’ll have to find something else to hold it up Water Plant Checklist This might seem tricky, but this is much easier and will take less time than randomly clicking levers and wheels while hoping altaxor you get the right combination.

Constellation Help! – Altador Plot – The Daily Neopets Forum

Altador Plot water distribution plant help: Well, now there are a few more important things up there. To find some oil, take a look at all 12 of the statues in the Hall of Heroes. You WILL complete the water plant in 1 minute or less using this guide. He’s a little, orange, strangely familiar P,ot.


Maybe it can free up the gears. Off Topic Tuesday Thursday: You won’t usually have to actually pay for it except on rare occasions when the amount will be deducted from your onhand Neopointsbut you WILL need to have at least 50NP on hand.

After all that, I don’t even get to see the ceiling all lit up pretty? Add a glass of water to relive the flooding of the water distribution plant with stunning historic accuracy! Then, return to the Janitor and press the button to open the ceiling. Drama is not tolerated. A minute later, Finneus, the Archivist, comes running inside. I can’t find any sites with help at all!

The bottom of the table altdaor is perfectly flat, but it’s exactly three inches short. Altador Water Distribution Plant? Since Jibbles was a co-author of these guides, he has been allowed to post it here: Club President Super Plushie They could have made separate ones, but this was cheaper. Also, hit any “CONTINUE” buttons that you see when completing certain steps particularly at the beginning ; you need to do this to “activate” certain things within the plot.

It appears to plpt completely blank, except for a prologue! Get in Touch No. Behind the statue’s base, you notice a jar of oil and a rag. D To find it, click around the shelves.