DVD scene 11, “A Slave’s Journey,” offers haunting and mentally disturbing images of the middle passage. Adams son Charles Adams Sr. Cinque probably never saw an African violet in his entire life, and no chance Adams could have one. For example, McCrisken and Pepper posit that Spielberg’s artistic manipulations as a director are so well-crafted that his films are usually able to entertain socially loaded issues without completely sacrificing the historical accuracy of events and the allegiance of the audience: I personally would have never known La Amistad existed without Spielberg, and I therefore give him credit for bringing the story to life. Create an account Support the site on Patreon. While he’s conversing with the translator, John Quincy Adams ‘ magnifying glass becomes a pen in his hand between shots.

Amistad is a American historical drama film directed by Steven Spielberg , based on the true story of the events in aboard the slave ship La Amistad , during which Mende tribesmen abducted for the slave trade managed to gain control of their captors’ ship off the coast of Cuba , and the international legal battle that followed their capture by the Washington , a U. Their silence prompted Frederick Douglass to say, “What a world of inconsistency, as well as of wickedness and how strange and perverse is that moral sentiment which loathes, execrates, and brands as piracy and as deserving of death the carrying away into captivity men, women, and children from the African coast; but which is neither shocked nor disturbed by a similar traffic carried on with the same motives and purposes, and characterized by even more odious peculiarities on the coast of our Model Republic. Does Amistad abuse history? Despite refusing to help when the case was initially presented, Adams agrees to assist with the case. Slave Mutiny, the book that inspired the film. The hero of the Creole mutiny was Madison Washington who had escaped from slavery in Virginia, but was recaptured when he went back to rescue his wife. The film forces the viewer to watch a truly harrowing sequence of events.

Is Amistad history gone a bit Hollywood?

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So she insisted on a,istad insertion of the fictitious Theodore Joadson Morgan Freeman. Yet the same abolitionists, lawyers and ex-president who had defended the Mende people so vigorously in the Amistad affair, stood silent about the Creole mutiny, which had taken place among American black people in U. In light of this evidence, the staff of President Ibaccuracies Buren has the judge presiding over the case replaced by Judge Coglin, who is younger and believed to be impressionable and easily influenced.


Ambassador to the Netherlands, — The court case centered around whether or not the group of Mende people had been made the legal property of their Spanish captors and whether or not kidnapped black men could be equated with merchandise. Supreme Court’s ruling, Cinque spent every day of his life in America locked up.

The case was simultaneously heard in District Court under Judge Andrew Judson not Juttson, as the film spells it to address the issues of Admiralty Law. It played a role in raising tensions over slavery, but the states were a long way from being willing to fight militarily over the issue.

He was about 50 years old and very highly respected. Best Film — Drama. Historically, though, there were instances where whole cargoes of slaves were tossed overboard. Spielberg reinforces this notion of transformation with a costuming choice he made for the slaves. There are other times in the film at which point the characters’ actions are not aligned with what the real people did, a choice that Spielberg made.

He argued that if the President had the power to return the liberated slaves to Havana, the President would also have the power to order American citizens sent to other countries to stand trial.

In fact, Cinque was topside one day, and simply stooped down to pick up a piece of metal he saw to use as a pick. The slaves are kept naked and packed in so tightly they can barely move.

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One day, 50 captives were thrown overboard. The benefits of education, in this case, outweigh the dangers of revisionism. Baldwin argues that the Africans had been captured in Africa to be sold in the Americas illegally. He also rules against Gedney. In fact, the Amistad case revolved around the Inaccuraces slave trade — by outlawed by international treaty — and had nothing whatsoever to do with slavery as a domestic institution.

Joadson freely associates with white abolitionists, something that wasn’t done under New England’s strict racial codes. Teachers should instruct their students on the correct historical background surrounding the Amistad case before showing the film to their students, as well amistas giving a disclaimer filn the film was in the end produced to appeal to the mass audience and therefore took liberties with history.


So she persuaded Steven Spielberg to make the film in Slaves were too valuable to just throw away for the price of their food. Amistad is a American historical drama film directed by Steven Spielbergbased on the true story of the events in aboard the slave ship La Amistadduring which Mende tribesmen abducted for the slave trade managed to gain control of their captors’ ship off the coast of Cubaand the international legal battle that amustad their capture by the Washingtona U.

Most black people in America had already been declared to be the legal property and merchandise of white men.

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He then dictates a letter to Forsyth saying that he was right—the slave fortress doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, this undermines what Spielberg seems to have intended with the film, the idea that the Africans are people like the Americans. Even the main hero of the movie, John Quincy Adamshad such a solid record of political indifference and callousness toward the plight of black Americans that abolitionists in his own state dubbed him the “Madman of Massachusetts.

Amistad Theatrical release poster. Judge Coglin rules in favor of the Africans. The arrival of the liberated slaves caused an extremely complex legal problem. However, no mention is made of the fact that an earlier Judson ruling put a damper on attempts to educate black children in Connecticut for years. Spielberg devoted most of the two and a half hours to the jumbled aftermath in the U. This scene is arguably the most visually powerful and historically accurate scene in the movie.

Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Theatrical Releases. Not broken, but bent.