Yago did a “good” thing but with the wrong intentions. Besides all the other wonderful phrases, and references to inner children, I liked: I feel so much better now. Beto episodes, Cecilia Gabriela Alfonso 67 episodes, Adriano Zendejas Mena – Thanks for all the details. The fact that Cam didn’t give him the time of day and instead has had the audacity to fall head over heels for a handsome vato just makes him seethe and fixate on his fantasy even more–she’s going to be his–Mi Camila barf. They make one shake one’s head in disbelief as much as the fictional Dio does.

I feel a little bad for Cayetano falling into Isa’s trap now that he’s been so good to Pablo, but he’s put himself into this position and refuses to listen to warnings. I was a bit taken aback by how fast Teresa moved to suggest that she and Mariano get back together again. So they think that if she’s living in the hacienda with many trusted people around, that at least there’s more protection for her. I don’t like that the writers always have Pablo “drinking his problems away. Carlos and Juanita- ITA. Jardinera – what a rollicking read with your word choice. Too bad she got on Ana’s bad side from the get go. Traiciones al Rojo Vivo.

I want Iago beaten down and someone to wipe the smug grin off of Dio. The best moment for me was Natalie coming to her senses and hugging her mom. Ok, if Dan saw her bravii out of the car, then it can’t be Isadora getting out at BV. Archived from the original on February 24, Alonso trata de reconquistar a Camila.

I made this one quick because I am have a gazillion page science report due on Friday. It’s not like there falling all over him.

Not one decent woman in Dio’s sphere is interested in him–even his daughter isn’t all that about him. Cathyx, I’ve seen so many predictions on whose legs are those–from long lost aunt to nanny to doctor–but never Isadora Good luck with that science report.


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I fear Agustina is btavio danger. Was I the only one thinking that Teresa was a bit too pushy with Mariano? It was such a surprise and a shock to find out that Cayetano played Epsiode in Destino’s. They know what he’s capable of doing since Dan was his right hand man for a while. He’s never been interested in any one with the remotest idea of what love is. It was quite a shock to see that for me as well.

I guess they figured the real proposal happened with the necklace, and btavio there was no formal pedida de mano since Gussy refused there was no need braio show it. Julieta episodes, Lisset Who did you have in mind?

Ni modo, it could have waited. My next major purchase: As they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Let’s hope he doesn’t run into New Girl instead.

His work history is gone, presumably because he abused his power as a police officer. Those weird moorish zigzags look awfully familiar.

A que no me dejas

Does that sound right? They make one shake one’s head in disbelief as much as the fictional Dio does. I think the legs were too thin for Isadora’s. I loved the recap, Mena, but it took me a while to realize it was up. It was loads of fun to read.

Anyhow, looking forward to founding out, if it is Miriam, braavio she went along with Abe. When our Vivi said that Cayetano would feel right at home, I kind of went “Hunh? When the leg appeared getting out of car in the previews, I almost fainted. Thursday, January 31, at 9: Tell that whopper to someone who will believe you.


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Again, I wonder if Pablo will want the baby more now because of what he’s going through, or if the stress will push him into NG’s arms if that happens and he forgives Rocio as a result, I’m going to have a problem. Too funny, he has a hard time with clasps ’cause his hands are so big Daniel hace una denuncia en contra de Isadora por el asesinato del Padre Valdomero. Anita- Don’t think I didn’t catch your meaning about those bigs hands Gonzalo episodes, Camila Sodi The way aor story is going, every little blip in the action could have consequences.

Isadora va a vivir a la hacienda para estar cerca de Camila y Alonso. Daniel decide luchar por su familia, pues Miriam le pone un ultimatum y hace el amor con ella.

Or Cam’s for that matter. Finally, Cristina forgives Acacia; who in turn is given a chance with Ulysses, the true love of his life. We still don’t know where that is going, but Viv is trying her darndest to bond with the boy.

I have no sympathy for Gussie anymore. Who thinks that Cayetonto and Hissadora will tie the knot and who thinks someone will stop that? I just need to work out more and get toned. Two friends begin the road trip of a life time, where a new acquaintance puts their friendship and beliefs to the ultimate episodw.