Wednesday, February 20, at 8: She recalls her convo with Teresa when she told her she needs someone to lean on. Tuesday, February 19, at 1: Yet the recaps are hilarious and priceless! In general, I think of this blog as a nice place to visit with intelligent, witty, talented friends every day with the ulterior motive of improving my spanish. I’m still really tired of seeing it. Anvil prediction – someone will touch the virus.

I do understand that we are meant to see Camila as noble and not the street-fighter with the take no prisoners attitude that I and many other women would be in real life. I agree with Cathyx; the earrings could have been antique, inherited by Miriam from her mother or other older female relative. The lawyer arrives with the brown envelope, which Hissadora snatches out of his hand. I, too, loved your “ample lapels” line as it said it all! La Malquerida, Luzma’s Room: Pretty much every day she’s been up at the crack of dawn to tend to the bulls and to work with the ranch hands. She’s not Mariano’s girlfriend, so she has no say.

Or they may mean something to Miriam.

Daniel se irá de La Malquerida

I can just see Ileana making nasty remarks about Luzma doing the dirty work. I believe there is also a rule against gossiping about the actors. Anor am sure you are right, as usual. However, right at the start, Camila withdrew sexual intimacy and took the position that Miriam was the true wife.

I want Barb to fall off a cliff. Her reflection in the mirror as he holds her tells it all.


Caray, Caray!: Amor Bravío # (Uni ) Mon 2/18/13

Pablo asks how things are going with Daniel and she replies so-so. Vivi tells the dudes that Daniel will be leaving the ranch.

They are a darling couple, right up there with Epjsode and Pablo, but this storyline is a bit problematic for me, anyway. El Diablo’s Lair; Study: They are more alike than they realize and therefore they deserve each other.

Natalia writes that off to his remorse for the way he had acted toward her before. Why does Miriam think the whole world was just sitting and waiting by her bedside for her to wake up?

It was all his idea! He pleads for his life. Hmm, will someone touch that virus? Hopefully they aren’t slowing down the pace to take care of all those anvils during the last week.

That would be her third trip to the hospital in bravvio tale and when El Diablo is discovered to be the guilty party there will be a lynch mob out for him i.

Wednesday, February 20, at 8: Paquita – thanks for the recap. I slept through a whole lot of the episode last night apparently. It’s gonna be raining anvils soon. Gussie was horrible to Luz and Pablo and I can’t wait for her downfall.

Mauricio the architect arrives and Mariano apologises for not being in touch the past few days. I am completely on board with this as there bravil a ton of other places to get that info aor our comments are already running pretty long with intelligent, pertinent give and take. Episodee, February 20, at 5: I feel like Miriam is Dan’s legal wife and it is not her fault that she’s now the actual other woman.


Amor Bravío – Season 1, Episode Plan Fallido –

There must be an archive, yes? He came up well before that.

You know my brother would never harm you. So much hate and I’m not exaggerating spewed into the Universe.

Her mom getting busted for the above scam is also a huge anvil for Camila. But I just had a thought. Hissadora is speaking to Cayetano, wondering if he had fun at the fiesta. Please give them to us in doses. Remember how Rodolfo recently told Dan that he and any of the muchachos would give their lives for Camila. El Diablo is probably going to lower elisode boom on Augustina fairly soon to time it along with the death of Camila’s herd.

Daniel and Camila talk when he returns from the airport and he tells her he will be leaving the ranch for a rented house brzvio Aculco until they know the final medical report. He is to figure out how braviio do this and to whom the task should be delegated. The earrings could also have been cheap plastic. Camila is on the phone with……yup, Mariano who tells her it would be no bother, no bother at all, for him to come over if she needs him.