I must beat him — I may have to use a blunt object as I do not want to see this level again for a long time. Been trying it for 2 days. Click on the right one and no more misspelling of our fellow birdie friends names: I might have gotten over k if I had more debris damage with mine. This was where the luck factor presented itself because the fall of the debris produced different results almost each time this bird was launched. I had several complete collapses, but unfortunately a pig somehow managed to survive each time. Copyright – ChapterCheats. Frost gives zero clues as to well anything except the end result!

That took out the left most pig which always seemed to be left over. Love this game but levels like this not only strip it of all enjoyment they beat and pillage and leave a burning shell behind with a freaking lone pig laughing at us as we run from the ashes. The updates have made it such that the right supporting vertical sticks will not topple over no matter what you do. Angry birds mooncake festival From: Not sure if someone has posted the 1 bird strat. I have been at it nearly a week and I finally got there — but my bro has somehow managed to get 87k. I would have spent hours on this level trying to figure that first bird tip out.

Walkthrough for Trick or Treat 3-3 for Angry Birds: Seasons

Got this score from the lower approach strat. Drop the egg on the pile of three wood planks, and the bird should hit the pig, then smack into the tower. Rovio has done lots of things to screw up Seasons as well the other games but I can confirm that a one-bird solution is possible for virds level.

White Bird drops the bomb more to the right of the area in the video because the internal wood structure was destroyed.

Angry Birds Seasons Trick or Treat Level 3-9 Walkthrough

Whoo Hooo things are lookin up!! Impossible to say how many days and methods I tried. Thanks karen68will definitely give it another shot now.

This level relies on a lot of luck, just plain crazy. Darn I wish there was an edit function to be able to correct such typos and errors after posting a comment. Sent second bird high, dropped egg and bird body flew up to hit the top pig in pumpkin. High scores are still possible. I eventually got a 1-birder, but the collapse was not as good as other times, plus I missed the pumpkin on the left, worth 3k.


The score in the video below is 81, If you can settle for fewer points, you can do this a much easier way. God this level was Hell. I even paused the video and did slo-mo to see exactly where to drop. This was where the luck factor presented itself because the fall of the debris produced different results almost each time this bird was launched.

If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates. This level is very frustrating. Did they really stiffen the wood props under the right hand part of the structure? I see from very reliable people it can be done. Interesting but not always gives a score: Are you flinging in here yet or have I just pulled you in?!

Fire the first bird low toward the highest pig. And we get to play in ToT together!! Both methods work well.

First I got the amgry and then aimed for the pig and three planks. I remember that one in a million shot referred to above.

Was so frustrated just lost interest in the entire Seasons series and was not heading back anytime soon. After several hours I was finally able to score 80, I mostly used the method of hitting the slab of wood directly trat the first block and just aiming for what was left with the white birds. Click on the right one and no more misspelling of our fellow birdie friends names: The bottom left pig was already gone from the first lower shot.

If you think you are an expert then cheatss try to help others with their questions. But for the k I send the first bird to the right just over the structure making it pop the pumpkins and bounce back birvs the tower. Now that this site has me addicted, I want to improve my score. Bomb the rubble with the White bird, causing the bird to ricochet into the topmost stone block.

First shot like the video above, but everything collapsed, leaving only the left bottom pig, so with trembling hands i went for the second shot knowing I would have top score by a distance. The speed seems slower, but that is likely because of the larger display size.


Angry Birds Seasons Trick or Treat 3 Stars Walkthrough

OR hit first structure by reverse fly — like boomerang! The score in the video below isYellow Bird like the video into the wood above the left most stone block and hitting the almost horizontal wood plank. If you shoot the first bird towards the pile of pumpkins on the far right, angrj wait until it is under the overhang before you drop birde egg, it the bird will rocochet off the overhang backwards into the tower and take it down, wiping out that whole right side.

But the best way to get a high score is to use two birds: I had already got 76k back along when I played it 1st time round, but I am now trying to get above average scores. I always find your videos so chrats but am having a really tough time replicating this. How ever I see I never posted my video back than, well better late than never: With the changes to Seasons in the last update the 1-birder is definately possible again.

I ts happened a couple times but I had hit reset to quickly to see how much damage is caused. Walkthrough for Seasons Greedings level Method is much appreciated. Here goes, cheahs thanks for the tips! The rest I was able to take out with the white bombers.

The WB bounce up and got two pigs on the right. Oct 21, ESRB: Woo hoo thanks for the details karen68 and the video ir With a little bit of luck, a one-bird clear is possible.

Still, I have been able to make the white bird ricochet out of the jack-o-lantern cave back onto the structure several times — though it does take a lot of tries.