Let this be our last colloquy… the last, o Sire: More than your King, I am your lover, I am your lover who had your oaths, and who soon, before the altar will have others more sacred. The room is lit up. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On 30 December , the opera was performed at Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona , to mark that theatre’s centennial it had opened in with Anna Bolena. Courtiers and Jane ask the king to be merciful. Come, unhappy friend, this is the only comfort which remains to me, to embrace you and die.

Smeaton, Percy and Rochefort are brought out of their cells. Summoning attendants, he says that these persons have betrayed their king. Accusing his wife of adultery, the king has everyone arrested. She is consumed with remorse. May England never hear again of the wicked destruction which was brought on Anna. That jolts Anne back to her senses.

The queen admits to Jane that she is troubled. To no gaze has it been granted to penetrate this sad heart; An incomprehensible cruel fate condemns me to sigh in sorrow. He’s hoping to oppera her but actually seals her fate. Anna too offered me love, longing for the English throne, she too coveted the crown of the lofty lady of Aragon… She had it at bolean, but she no sooner had it, than it tottered on her head, to her cost, to her grief my heart was tempted by another lady.

The sheriffs appear to take the prisoners. Let us go, Seymour. It proved to be one of Callas’ greatest triumphs. Righteous Heaven has punished me for that betrayed faith… I found nothing synopsiw the throne other than anguish and horror. Ah, what proof you give to me synoosis your generous heart! Let us now leave for the hunt… with indifference Anna, farewell.

Rochefort answers that love is never content. Giovanna appears and informs Anna that the king, and her successor, will spare her life if she confesses her guilt.


In order to be able to satisfy his new desires, the king now seeks to accuse Anna of treason. Unfortunate woman…she faints…She is dying!

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They convey a low sound like the groan cut short of a heart that dies…it is my broken heart which sighs its last prayer to Heaven. Never, never… I would want to hide my shame beneath the earth. Enrico withdraws in the opposite direction with Hervey. The sound of drums can be heard.

Percy and Rochefort are waiting to be led to the block. At Anne’s trial, Smeton lies and says he, not Percy, has been pursuing Anne.

At any cost the King wants to shatter the unfortunate knots that bind you to him… your life at least… if not your royal name, alas, save your life at least! I alone ruined you, curse me… coming forward and kneeling at Anna’s feet.

Perhaps, poor woman, there is stored up for her greater shame and pain…. Go away…the King is arriving… the chorus retreat And who drives you away from the meeting?

Gaetano Donizetti’s ‘Anna Bolena’

The place is lit up. Anna says that she will not buy her life with infamy. Enter Enrico and passes in the middle of the rows. In vain, Giovanna begs the king for mercy.

The king snatches it up. Anna enters followed by the court. It is glory, the love of Henry And thus it was for Anna in the eyes of all of England. I dare not raise my eyes to her, nor can I make bold to speak. Let our words be brief, cautious, low.

To such a sight, a bold heart full of hope and desire unveiled its hungry ardour which I dare not reveal any other way. Let her come forward.

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Enrico bursts in and repeats Smeton’s confession. I felt his tear flow on my hand… and an even hotter flame spreads though my heart. Let her final delirium be prolonged, merciful Heaven; let her beautiful spirit rise up to your bosom. When the king enters she informs him she wishes to end their meetings. Anna and Percy are brought in, separately. Your peace, your quiet, I want it to be complete, and thus it will be. May I be able to find myself close to the unhappy ones, O Heaven.


My black excesses extinguished every virtue in me. At that moment, everything comes tumbling down around Anne. The queen is indignant and refuses, preferring an unjust sentence to dishonour.

And that it will be. I am so happy I want to cry.

Retrieved from ” https: The stage empties and there remains no light but one large lamp stand which lights the room. Tell him that in this heart the flame is as sacred as my love is pure which is born of virtue, tell him that in my heart amidst my woes, honour speaks.

Ann in the middle, forces herself to hide her perturbation. Anna says to herself that her fate is sealed. I needs must bow my head to the royal will, whatsoever it might be.

Never to see him… Alas! False couple, I do not call down the final vengeance in this terrible hour; I go down into the open grave which awaits me with pardon on my lips, May they obtain mercy and favour for me in the presence of a God of pity.