Stupid censored Ecchi Stupid censored Ecchi. First of a line of movies made by Osamu Tezuka , the God of Manga. Add – More Clannad. Add – More Hataraku Maou-sama! Nice final for a great series Nice final for a great series. Add – More Aria The Origination: What a wonderful place -animefreak What a wonderful place -animefreak.

So bad it’s entertaining. Add – More Gugure! Major Hentai , watch at your own risk. Pretty much lives up to the hype about this series. Sweet love , silly at times – Funimation Sweet love, silly at times – Funimation. It’s a really fantastic show and I bet you’ll enjoy it. Kinda Stupid Kinda Stupid,.

Add – More Fuse: The [Misc Fanart] flair is used to post art in other forms or even in drawings for specific cases that don’t match the two above.

Tokyo Fish Attack – Zombie gassy mechanical walking fish attack and infect people.

Add – More Baccano! Add – More Flying Witch. Add – More Hoshi no Koe. Spirits of the Past.

Good charactersfun showneeds a 2nd season Viz Anime Good characters, fun show, needs a 2nd season Viz Anime. Over-the-Top Macho He-man Action -watchanimeon. Add – More Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Add – More Angel Densetsu.


Add – More Gantz. Add – More Call Me Tonight. Overall it was enjoyable if not spectacular. Ai to Kanashimi no Final Battle. Electromagnetic Girlfriend Electromagnetic Girlfriend. Add – More Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte. Add – More Coyote Ragtime Show. Add – More Orenchi no Furo Jijou. Add – More Nozo x Kimi. Similar feel to Aqua – Crunchyroll Blossoms for Tomorrow – Beautiful, heartwarming slice of life story of girl working at a traditional inn.

Fun crappy anime, it’s only 40 min. This is naughty, oh my!

Where can I watch AnoHana online, the series NOT the movie?

Similar feel to Aqua – Crunchyroll. Deadly women with guns.

CeresCelestial Legend – Well donelove story of descendents of a celestial maiden trapped on Earth Ceres, Celestial Legend – Well done, love story of descendents of a celestial maiden trapped on Earth. Add – More Gintama: If you think your post is stuck in the spam filter, send the mods a message with a link to the comment animeu,tima of your submission.

Add – More Buta.


Where can I watch AnoHana online, the series NOT the movie? – Forums –

Add – More Genius Party Beyond. GamboOne of 4 shorts combined into a movie called Short Peace. Bloody Immortal Wackyness – Masterpiece! The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Add – More Fukigen na Mononokean. Add – More Fushigi no Kuni no Miyuki-chan. Hamatora – Crunchyroll Hamatora – Crunchyroll. Add – More B: It has a cult status. Add – More Aria The Natural: Add – More Golden Boy.

Add – More Blood Lad. Add – More Aria The Natural. Add – More Crying Freeman. Add – More Elisode in the Shell: Add – More Elisode Coil. Crazy funny multi-dimentional weirdness -Funimation Crazy funny multi-dimentional weirdness -Funimation. Golden Time is shaping up to be really really good.