That’s superb speed, thought I need to wait till my noon time before I can read it ;D Will further comment after reading the recaps. She’s now an existence that doesn’t exist anymore. Ella Zala October 19, at I think he actually did remember, especially after she called him Amnesia as a little kid, and just kept up the running gag to tease her. Sinopsis baru lengkap drama Arang and the Magistrate, update drama korea Arang and the Magistrate episode terakhir, cerita drama terbaru Arang and the Magistrate. So there goes my argument against anyone saying the ending is a cop-out. In a way there is, because the host body must be willing. But does not elevates all the harsh things that you’ve said in a drama.

Ahh I loved the ending, albeit being slightly confused by it but finally getting it after re-reading for the billionth time haha. It would have been nice for them both to remember, but I am happy with this too. So pairs of lovers who have formed very strong attachments with one another would have their fates and souls intertwined in their next lives and in the afterlife. The non-existence issue is one of the premises set out in this drama’s world and it was already mentioned right at the beginning in Episode 3. One of the biggest troll on this board lately. It was nice to come along for a ride with a planned story from start to finish, and a really successful balance of humor, action, mystery, suspense, fantasy, and romance. I wasn’t sure they would give us the happy ending last week, thinking they might go for a dark, un-happy or at least not-sure-whether-happy ending. Last time we saw them Eun-Oh has been bodily sucked into hell and Arang was on an express elevator to heaven.

sinopsis arang and the magistrate episode 19 part 1

She didn’t like heaven and is said to have probably preferred hell to hold onto the feelings of passion, the memories and almost eternal longing. From the cringeworthy moments between shaman girl and the lovable lug of a servantsma, the redemption? Plus I like it because it emphasizes the human aspect of the heart, keeps up the tension, and you can still insert action into it. For these characters though, to live like such would proabbly just be endlessly bone-breaking boring.


This was a body that was killed 3 years prior and had not decayed.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

I see no deus ex machina in this episode. Taoism also just permeated everything. Noemi October 18, at 7: In the dark, Joo-wal gets dressed, then blows out his candle. Strange reaction from me.

I mean sinopsus sense. But it WAS a little bit of a let down that somehow they didn’t get the upper hand and make it work out another way in the end so that neither had to die or go to hell in the first place. They also did a little light borrowing from Greek mythology towards the very end too.

And then lived on once more in the afterlife as grim reaper and heavenly fairy. For me, this solution However, if fairies and reapers can and have flirt history, who’s to magistraet a true romance isn’t possible? The whole time I thought that tye put her soul into an immortal body to fulfill the mission but, at the end when the mission was over, she would disappear.

I didn’t see lee min ho in this drama, then why are you dragging him out. Haha I pointed at her and said oh! She’s definitely one of those epixode whose hair being down is a sudden and instant beauty As for the amnesia bit, the show implies he in actuality remembers but chooses not to reveal it, basking in the meanwhile, in the extra?

Leaving literally, that big nothing but good and bad memories. All in all, the drama showed that it had its story and world well plotted in advance, which is a pretty effective argument against the live-shoot in my book.


sinopsis arang and the magistrate episode 19 part 1

All her posts here is about this. Man, I already miss this show! When Joowal threw her over the cliff, she was already a former ghost and could not die so that is why she didn’t die that time. Yellow October 18, at 9: The terms used like Jade Emperor, Yanluo, Huangquan and Wuji, the fiery red flowers along the riverbank Kudos to the rest of The Marang Team.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

Mom turns to Arang and gives her a nod, which Arang returns; it rather feels like a father giving away a bride to her groom.

Arang remembers everything, but Eun Oh doesn’t because he drank sionpsis the well of forgetfulness in heaven.

Lee Jun Ki and Shin Minah were really wonderful, in both their individual characterizations and as a couple. And Jade keep their memory Jolly October 20, at 8: I told you not to drink from that well of forgetfulness! So she caused her own death. Subtitled in German, English, ….

Special episode August 8, 5. And the Jade Emperor. Clearly long term, episodde casual and fleeting moments won’t be enough for love that spanned fate enough for several star crossed lifetimes. Even though wherever we are, we will not know each other. It was nice to come along for a ride with a planned story from start to finish, and a really successful balance of humor, action, mystery, suspense, fantasy, and romance.