I also don’t mind it, it makes the scenes more epic and adds a dramatic tone to it. Arang and the Magistrate Favorite. My favorite show of the summer. Viki, is mean to my country! He hardly knew the girl, and saw her face only once after being betrothed. About your 3rd short: She’s got everyone wrapped around her finger even Mu Young, you just wait! As we cut back to her in the field, she cries her heart out, tears falling as she runs full force, like she might never stop.

August 22, at 8: He says it like a warning, with a hint of a smile. Shin Min Ah is doing one hell of a fantastic job!! But I wait for the subs to come out at kimchidramas. He shrinks back in horror; he was so close to winning! So much is happening! Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

Like… his body, or just metaphorically his outerwear? My absolute favorite thing about her is that she takes matters into her own hands, fate, gods, and the universe be damned.

Did she see him change shape or swap souls with something sihopsis I actually feel bad for the king of hell.

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She comes to a door sealed off with a talisman. And the 10 minute trailer confused me at first, how he can see her and touch eppisode My new favorite OTP. Based on your reaction, I might give it another try, maybe, later, down the road. Rashell August 22, at 9: Arang is such a badass ghost.

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Arang runs and runs through a field, as we hear her cries in voiceover: I believe there could be a chance Arang is his sister but I know that’s a long shot since no brother has been mentioned so far. Maybe we will have a happy ending.


Who did this to you? And how long are we going to wait for the answers? I can’t believe we are actually finding prototypes of boyfriends in Kdramas, LOL I also find the eun-oh’s mother’s hairpin mysterious, why does the body didnt have the hairpin on her hair whilst arang was wearing it as a ghost.

They gang up on Eun-oh up in the rafters, and he takes out his fan non-magic, just handy to use as a weapon.

GF thank you for your hard work!!! She talked to her like she was speaking to another person, and that divide felt right to me.

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You are the best!!! I’d just like to know what was so exciting, could you tell me? Redge August 22, at 8: Rashell August 22, at 8: I can understand, given that the first episode had a more comedic tone to it, and there were many things that seemed mysterious to us.

The actress playing the shaman is awesome. I’m not dying for any answers right ainopsis. I do believe Arang Eun-soo will be the ones who put a stop to the evil Jul-woo. Also, I cannot wait till she meets The Pretty in person.

Arang is really a feisty ghost who doesn’t give up on herself despite her untimely death. I don’t teh lol but what his father said tonight made it so suspicious She’s got everyone wrapped around her finger even Mu Young, you just wait!

Dee August 22, at And the cursing too.


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Arang is my favorite on air drama so far. OK, whatever floats you guys boat. I’m pretty sure he noticed it.

Bawool shaman is awesome. She learned to fight back, take what she could, always be on the run. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. He was searching the fairies faces but I think it was to spark something rather than out right knowing.

nagistrate I just have one question to ask tho. She’s irritated and wants Arang to leave her alone, she’s scared of what Arang might do to her, but despite that, we feel how she has grown fond of this ghost and that she actually does care about Arang’s well-being.

One thing I’ve been wondering about is ‘Hades’ and Jade Emperor. My take is Jul-woo isnt human.

Sinopsis Goddess of Fire Jung Yi episode 9 part 2. Viki, is mean to my country! Episodw for the recaps: He empties the bag dramatically into his hand, producing One. Is that why Arang ran away, only to get killed?

And she doesn’t even see her it cracks me up every time she looks to the wrong direction! I love the artistic touch of the scenes. As they resume their badook game, he hears her cries asking what she did so wrong, and smiles to himself knowingly. He is the magistrate.