Lee Joon Ki as Eun Oh. Joo-wal is quick to walk up and ask her for another date, and she agrees, saying that she was actually going to go look for him. Please, be a good guy, just for the afternoon! Not for eternity, but just like on a field trip? She is now defending him in public, inviting him for moonlight dates to cheer him up, and the two of them are finally sharing their past history and thoughts about their future, just like any other couple, their envisaged future being Eun Oh with his mom and Arang in hell or heaven. There was a short mention too of Lord Choi having a daughter that was killed. She stares in shock. Thanks for the recap gf.

Please please i hope so! Not sure if demon-killing was an ability or more of a question of having the right weapon. And when she says that to him about his mom he realizes that it is her that he cares about and he freezes up. I can’t take a sad ending right now. She also doesn’t understand parental love, so if she sees this guy who’s very hung up on finding his mother she’s going to question why. I’m sorry I was in a hurry typing.

With Eun Oh, it’s sassy but appeals to him.

I personally like the pace of the story. I love this show, but these two- Arang and her Magistrate- should kiss already.


[K-Drama] Arang and the Magistrate Ep. 9 (Eng Sub)

There has to be a reason why Dol-swe keeps mentioning Eun-oh’s maternal grandfather and that promise he made. Yea I’ll take heaven or earth as long as they end up together.

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The Mother says Arang is immortal or does she just mean Arang’s physical body is immortal and can regenerate? She doesn’t have the time, or the maturity level yet to do that but she’s getting there I think. Had they not established the background of most of the characters in earlier episodes, the cutting short of scenes to another would have felt so random.

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Now they just need their Xander Dol Swe to get in on the act! You should always enjoy what you are doing.

Lord Choi insists that all he wants is peace in this town. Not a good sign.

Arang is making my week along with Reply that already ended: What dramxcrazy Arang think? I guess this costume change is also a sign for his character change. They finally met just before the funeral. Anonim 20 Maret I would like to see some character maturity from her but so far I see none.

Though I don’t think Mi Ho ever ate livers anyways. Cut her some slack!! One other reason why Arang has every right to be pissed at Eun-Ho: CaroleMcDonnell September 7, at 7: Yes that’s her and she subs early straight after uploading for TTBY. Thanks for the recap GF: Skip to primary content.


And this is the girl who became a lonely, starving amnesiac ghost and has a target on her back. Even if she IS dead. TV Arang and the Magistrate.

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After being cleaned up and treated by the doc, Eun-oh wakes up painfully in bed. I’m thinking the writers either are so in love with her pluckiness that they have totally not realized how she comes of. What ghoulish delight are we enjoying? She wants to keep her power, which she can only have on earth, so she’ll do anything she can to keep it. The story has so much angst to mine, and for whatever reason I feel like so far it merely glosses over it.

Oh well off to watch it. Arang is not so bratty, was never selfish and is a very brave girl. A whole year passed.