Neighbour But of course! Last modified Last modifiedNovember 27, You and Indicating the audience most of these people here, too! First Old Woman Hehehehehe! Neighbour Of course I do and I can see all my own neighbours doing so, as well. Laughter and nods all round. Just stay home and…. Aristophanes locates his most radical ideas in situations so absurd as not to directly threaten the established political system.

What are you doing about us, because, as I see it, the cute women will go right past us ugly ones and go fuck with the handsome ones. What do you mean fight? How can this be right for a free man? If you pull this off and we get the leadership of the city, we shall elect you General! Second Old Woman Silly boy! There are thirty thousand citizens out there and they all had a delightful dinner. Come with me now! Second Woman And look at mine, too, Praxagora!

Indicating someone among them. I took one look synopsks them and thought they must have all been cobblers. Rrrrread out wwwwhat it says!

Will they be ejected out of the dining hall by all the others?

They rush to vote for something one day and the next they reject it. Every sentence an obvious indication of defeat and despondency. Feet are kicked high. While this is going on, a man enters, stands at a corner and watches the aristophanss with some emotional involvement, yet with quite some state of perplexity.

To a piper, who could be among the chorus of women or behind the stage. In the final scene, a drunken maid enters praising Thasian wine and the new laws.


Aristophanes Assemblywomen – Study Guide

The chorus enters, still in disguise and on their way home from the assembly, trying not to draw attention to themselves. Praxagora then goes on to explain the details of the new government to Blepyrus. Blepyrus Constantly trying to think of new objections. Aristophanes locates his most radical ideas in situations so absurd as not to directly threaten the established political system.

A mouth, a head, a blow job Will satisfy you desire and gob. That crooked, filthy rich politician! Enter Third Old Woman, even uglier then the previous two.

Blepyrus To the maid Well, come on, girl, be syhopsis But then the farmers began whispering and whining. I just love fucking with you! Too long for the bed and they chop it off.

The Chairman has issued the warning: All citizens are henceforth included in this proclamation. As for her, bury her alive in tar, put her feet in molten lead all the way up aristpphanes her ankles and, instead of an urn stick her up on my grave. Now, put your beards on quickly and, those of you who are ready to speak go ahead and speak!

Care should be taken not to drown the voice of the speaker.

Praxagora So I can save your cloak from thieves. First Old Woman Well, bend your head like a skunk all you like and sing all the songs you want but no one will sleep with you before they sleep with me.

They go there to eat! Come on then, move it girls!


You were absolutely manly back there, with all that clamour and hassle that was going on, too! Blepyrus Just let him try! Neighbour Also begins to confess awkwardly. Praxagora In any case, what use will it be to them? Epigenes Only if she lets assemblywwomen go.


First Woman A neighbour of Praxagora. The fact that women in this instance could enter the assembly and successfully pass as men was a commentary on politicians being indistinguishable from women in costume. They want you to govern! Is he going to deposit anything? People would come with lunch sack, a crust of bread a drink, a pair of onions and three olives! Chremes Then, after Eveon a pale, handsome young man who looked just like our General Nikias, jumped to his feet and spoke to everyone.

Who can tell an old woman anything new? To the audience Here we are! Why are you still searching the street? It is the name for a fictional food dish containing meat, fish, and wine, and is letters long — enough for six antidisestablishmentarianisms. The play can be thought of as split into three, basic sections, as follows: Neighbour Sure I do. First Old Woman Old woman? Praxagora The farming will be done by the slaves. More like a fleet of them! The use of the household as an analogy turned reality is a complete inversion of the descriptions of the household that Ischomachos uses to instruct his wife.