C3PO got a raw deal in the prequels, and we’d like to think he has something to say about it. We Need to Talk about Vader Analysis. Obi-Wan has a specific and consistent sense of humor, and his relationship with Anakin actually demonstrates a bonding and devolution that somehow eluded the films. I don’t hold it against them, as money certainly helps keep these things coming. I’m gonna keep saying “we may have to kill him All the Jedi are wandering around out there somewhere. I knew I was saving some for a special occasion. You need to login to do this.

Add a bizarre subplot about one droid’s descent into sociopathic madness, and you have a series as far from George Lucas’ original vision as possible. The break Rupert, the authentic redneck robot! My kid adores this and my wife doesn’t get it, so we are plotting to leave her. Auralnauts Star Wars Saga. Tell me, are you happy? C3PO got a raw deal in the prequels, and we’d like to think he has something to say about it.

That’s what friends are for.

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Friendliest friends that ever friended. Also the meta-narrative “I have no regrets about cloning my arch-nemesis. Our most popular media may be grim and dark these daysand consistently written female characters seem to be an oddly dying breed.

Perhaps our advancements could be of benefit to you. There’s some good stuff in there. Obi-Wan is the worst of them all. Not to rag on Obi after all, he’s no Creepiobut the swamp scene in 5 has something similar – we get “I opened a door to a new dimension, and you can too pause if you do enough midichlorians” in the most amazing portentous Tesco Value Alex Guinness voice, but it’s undercut by the knowledge that he’s a lifelong relapsing junkie “if this is what sobriety’s like, I’m smoking a big fat sack of crack”.

auralnautz You sttar to login to do this. Or is this just a sausage festival? Though the Jedi are a big Berserk Button of his he blames Anakin for Creepio’s actions, since he created the mad droidhe’s willing to help Obi-Wan sober up even after he wrecked his hospital. He also hijacked Laser Moon, giving it sentience and using it to destroy Alderaan. Accept it you must. If you start with Episode 4 you’ll just be very confused.


I needed the cash.

It very much helped that Threepio and Anakin are two characters with major roles in both trilogies, allowing all that character-work to not go to waste…and now just reminding me of what the prequels should have accomplished. But this Owen fellow has a augalnauts attitude. Maybe a little action at the beginning and the end, but the middle should mostly be talking. This sentience virus even managed to take control of the Life Day Parade floats, starting an all-new attack during what was supposed to be a memorial for the lives lost.

The Auralnauts Star Wars Saga: Parody Project

I’m not trying to pretend that I haven’t made mistakes in my life, but I’ve always tried to be a friend. Kylo lost a great deal of the respect he had for Luke, considering him as a coward after seeing The Last Jedi. Do treat yourself to Bane Outtakesif you have not before posted by thelonius at 5: I’ve heard legend of a taco, made entirely out of Doritos.

The voice acting is spot on too; people sound like people …again, something conspicuously absent from Star Wars I — III. The smoking and youth biology PSAs.

Also, “Birthday Attack” has redeemed the special edition song.

That shoulda brought you up to speed. Smoked deathsticks until he achieved death. It starts to develop a love-triangle storyline that turns around ‘friendzoning’, but it skewers it and casts the two guys involved as complete douchebags.

Hey, you got your E. I’m gonna keep saying “we may have to kill him It’s a lot of fun, worth watching! The first comment they made on the overhead boxing game forced me to pause the video. From what I can tell, these are two men who are quite skilled at sound mixing, aurallnauts well as composing electronic music. Shows just how much emotional manipulation channels through the soundtrack posted by chavenet at 3: Doing business with the Jedi?


Get Known if you don’t have an aufalnauts. This is not cool! You have to wait in line, like everyone else! How can it be April when it feels so much like Christmas?

But I did my best to find a warx buyer. Looking at their iTunes link in the video description, it seems that my suspicions were correct. At the end of “Outtakes”, Luke Skywalker wears glasses with eyes painted on them when Rey meets him in the last scene of The Force Awakens.

The Friend Zone Episode 3: It’s your boy, Kylo. Gag Dubs and musical parodies of the Star Wars films by a team of musicians and fans called Auralnauts.

He died space-penniless because he was the only person stupid enough to smoke something called deathsticks.

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Well, that’s not what your mom said last night, when I stopped by. He spends the majority of the prequels either on drugs or seeking drugs, finally briefly getting clean as of “Revenge of Middle Management”, but by the end of it, he reverts just enough to be a Functional Rpisode. I didn’t need a friend, I needed a father. It’s kind of like Episodee crossed with Trainspotting We are well aware of the Jedi reputation for recreational mind expansion.

I’ve made it up to Ep 5.