And witch party blocked it because of political spite. Is it because James wants to save p for the Blu-ray? Saying fans got gyped. I’m a little confused at what the scandal is Amiga CD32 Ep Then Canada got expensive, so they moved to Romania and Bulgaria. The miniatures were often incredibly obvious especially the vehicles and that was all part of the fun. It should have been this movie!

I mean, I tried to keep my expectations at a minimum considering that this was an incredibly low budget film and was very much a celebration of those old rubber suit monster movies. I just bought it. This is fantastic, this is a unique thing James has done over the past years. Watched it again today with my girlfriend. He was so happy that he had promised all of his donating fans that they would receive an individual “thank you for the money, is nice” vid for all of their efforts. Even when they have the same credentials! The way THIS one is working out though, is the only way it could work, and still be great.

Jesus fucking christ the nerve of some people.

Stop complaining that its not free. Of course dedicating yourself to defend year-old YouTube users with unfunny game reviews from these people makes you one with the AIDS. The Nerd fires a laser at Death Mwauthzyx’s satellite dish, causing Death Mwauthzyx to disappear forever.

Enjoy your talking points, leave your ability to see consequences to actions at the door. Congratulations to James for his dream coming true!

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie | Indiegogo

Rolfe has created the great fanservice, not only by making a movie but by reviewing ET the video game in that movie. There is one major problem in my opinion. You asked in what country can you retire with dollar. Now my question is this. I thought the review was more of James doing the review,Than avgn. James is not the first creator to use indogogo to ask contribution for a project and, from what ive seen, projects always have been deliver.


So he asked the fans for donations. You can tell a lot of work went into this film. James, you should be extremely proud of yourself. Plus no one is forcing anyone to give money, this isnt the IRS for god sakes.

You made history guys … first real and great video game fiction made by gamers, for gamers. There were a lot of deliberate quirks and easter eggs everywhere that the fans will love finding and seeing. Cyberxon Yes I know that he said that, but the thing is that on Vimeo you do not have to do that.

Will there be a ton of “new” characters. And seriously good luck with all that work.

I was not able to donate, because my wife and I both lost our jobs recently and have a baby on the way in two months. Fri, Feb 15 3: The Game Chasers Motion Picture.

James just wants to see his work done right and in his own lifetime. In practice what they do is that they preserve the big company interests and make the lives of small entrepeneurs, film makers and everyone else a hell of a lot more difficult.

Shut out any and all constructive criticism and only accept blind praise. Maybe nobody that works for IndieGogo likes video games or nerds haha.

Angry Video Game Nerd

Kickstaryer I do not think all the money involved this campain will all go in the movie. The “review” was so shitty that it made Alexander look like a competent reviewer. Fri, Feb 15 So after all the drama that’s been going on, after all those tons of donations way beyond the goal, what is the end result of all this?


My all time best is bugs. P, Just wanted to say i enjoyed the movie! The government ordered the burial of the cartridges, while Zandor escaped with the metallic material Area 51 was researching at the time in an attempt to reassemble the alien’s spaceship, replacing it with tin foil. It ended up feeling bloated and somewhat disjointed. kicktarter

AVGN Movie AVAILABLE NOW! (Vimeo On-Demand)

When you donated it was never mentioned that it was for free. Zandor and the Nerd’s fans. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Kickstaarter Policy. Again, congratulations James, and i hope i will enjoy your movvie in many more years. Captain N But can anyone of you refute him? He will have to pay people, rent equipment, pay for post, distribution, marketing etc. James, why are you having your movie donators pay to watch the movie?

Well, the joke was up his ass when the title was, in fact, John Rambo. I said it too and its right where it should be really. Thank you from Ireland! Olivania Bigdaddyclean I guess….

This dumbass can’t even get past the first level and he still says he’s proud of owning this piece of shit. At last, the day has come. However, I have enjoyed the content AVGN has provided for years and hope I can continue to kickstarteer ad revenue for years to come.

Congrats James and Co. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live.