It might be the performance, it might be the dialogues, it might be the way the director has conceived the scene or it could be even the context of that scene in the film. Email required Address never made public. The ending is not what I would call happy, but more wistful. Prithviraj is given an ultimatum by the school dean. In medical circles, there has been a lot of debate on the merit of forcing medical doctors to work in rural areas with sparse infrastructure. Actors who ruled other territories.

One scene in Summer in Bethlahem would remain in the minds of the people. When Tharakan gives chocolates and touches the feet of the little girl that he had refused to treat earlier, you can sense the guilt that he goes through. Overrated Movies Mollywood Witnessed. Ayalum Njanum Thammil ANT henceforth chronicles the coming of age of Dr Ravi Tharakan, a care-free medical student who goes on to become a renowned cardiac surgeon. Answer to this would be known from this scene where Aaryan Jayasurya talks about his friend Antony Mosses Prithviraj. No other movie in recent times in Malayalam would have offered this kind of a twist in the climax. He believably goes from mature competent dedicated super surgeon in present day, to madcap goof off student in the flashbacks. Whether it is the scene where he faces his father after the inquiry or even when he confronts the wayward SI or his silent anguish at being deprived of his love despite it being so underplayed , the machismo is balanced with his sense of emotional turmoil.

By no means is the fraud being perpetuated a minor one and the shock that Diya feels when she sees a kid who loses his legs thanks to an expired valve, is shared by us. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Here Rajiv asks Maggy Sukumari whether she could take care of him considering him as her son.

He doesnt ask for her forgiveness. It might be the performance, it might be the dialogues, it might be the way the director has conceived the scene or it could be even the context of that scene in the film.

Ayalum Njanum Thammil

Maybe if the writers had taken a peep into the difficulties faced by young doctors who have to spend two long years here and the lack of support they receive during this period, they would have been able to inject tammil reality into the surroundings.


Filmelon does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same. The story moves back and forth in multiple narratives between his casual life filled with fun and frolic on campus and his present life as he fights for survival in a world where ethics comes at a premium.

I watched it anyway, and with the Wiki summary, I mostly got the gist of what was happening. Big B – ‘Bilal in Action: Should watch stop violence. Dr Samuel slapping Tharakan in public for abdicating his movue wins brownie points from the audience but it left me wondering whether the situation climzx not have been handled more amicably. There was a second part of thammll movie which was utter crap. Three and a half stars out of five. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Undoubtedly it is one of the memorable scenes of the movie.

Munnariyippu – ‘Hard hitting Climax’: Now, this is not a failing in the movie but these feelers needed to be expanded a bit more; the initial campus scenes could have been truncated to explore the medical side. Commissioner – ‘The interval punch’: We have seen the same scenario tjammil number of times.

And above all that, the smile of Mammootty was hard hitting one showing the required amount of eccentricity. Indian film industry has a large pool of talent when actors and actresses are considered.

Rajiv the character played by Mohalal is njanhm eccentric who has got some mad ideas and interests. Pay the rest of his tuition bill, or serve as a rural doctor for two years. Melodrama is muted which is not always a good thing and even when it makes a fleeting appearance, it fails to register more on that later.

The background music was also splendid which took the scene to another level. One of the memorable scenes of the film is when Vishnu Mohanlal asks Jail Superintendent for mercy. He does the surgery anyway, and the girl dies.

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But, the legacy could provi Ayapum was not sent – check your email addresses! What works for the movie is that has its heart in the right place.

Again, for me, ANT was a potential classic cclimax Lal Jose eventually chickened out allowing himself to be dictated by more conventional norms. For the writers Bobby-Sanjay, the epic blunder called Cassanova can now be conveniently forgotten, after the success of ANT and for Lal Jose, ANT, his third movie this year definitely falls short of a Diamond Necklace mjanum is miles ahead of a pedestrian Spanish Nuanum ….


He passes out of medical college in flying colours but is all at sea when it comes to actually putting his education to practical work. It would be the brief sequence where Niranjan is getting introduced. Drishyam- ‘Mother of all twists’: The sequence features Mohanlal,SureshGopi and ManjuWarrier in it and each of them gives an impressive performance with Mohanlal leading the pack with his staunch dialogue delivery.

Writer duo Bobby and Sanjay has that ability to etch such scenes where the audiences too feel the pain of protagonist.

Ayalum Njanum Thammil Movie Climax HD Download

The transformation takes place gradually over a period of time and finally converges at the point of time when Tharakan realises how meaningful his life can be. He lands himself a compulsory 2-year stint at a remote rural hospital in scenic Munnar, manned by Dr Samuel who gives up a well-paid corporate job to take up medical practice in a small but scenic village, devoid of urban pleasures. He is no whistle-blower and remains part of the system that has its hands in mjanum shit.

Email required Address never made public. His best friend relates how they nearly flunked out of med school together, and even tried to cheat on tests.

This particular scene has in it one of the best acting moments of Suresh Gopi which really made this scene a memorable one. Some professions are more equal than the others and medicine is one such field where a doctor is revered and expected to go beyond his line of duty. Learn how your comment data is processed. Joseph Alex is one of the iconic characters portrayed by Mammootty. One of my favorite moments comes when Dr.