Dracyan said it had felt B-Crystal’s anger. Kakeru enters the match with the repaired core. Dravise said Kakeru and Dracyan still have a new unseen special move. Retrieved October 15, Can Riki earn the chance to compete for the title of Overall Crossfire Champ? Kakeru said since he had won, Subaru would accept him as a rival.

August 17, [3]. Novu VS Ryuji” Transcription: Naruchikara’s Miraculous Call” Transcription: Akira said the B-Daman just spoke. In a re-match, Kakeru and Dracyan knocked down the 7th pin with super shot. Saneatsu it was already too late, and ordered to activate super-speed elevator. Subaru fired 4 shots to knock a row of 2 yellow bombs and a row of 2 red bombs to Kakeru’s side with 1 marble hitting 1 bomb, while Kakeru fired 2 shots to knock a row of 2 yellow bombs and a row of 2 red bombs to Kakeru’s side with 1 marble hitting a row of 2 bombs.

The North Grand Prix!

Reiji said he had already known Naoya’s scheme, but Naoya had made him realize he could become stronger by hating everyone. Takeru, Gouichiro, Shumon, Kaito, Yukihide went to an amusement park. That Guy is a Transfer Student? Kakeru enters the match with the repaired core. Natsumi remembered her prior encounter with Dracyan. B-Crystal started to pulsate.

Saneatsu asked what happened and the security system. Who Is That Guy?

B Daman Crossfire Episode 16 english dubbed – Видео Dailymotion

Kakeru fired 1 shot to knock 1 yellow bomb in the middle to Subaru’s side, then the marble bounce back to the middle bomb of the 3 yellow bombs at Kakeru’s side, then the marble knock 2 yellow bombs to Subaru’s side. Rury warns Riki that Crossfire is a “secret tournament” and those who tell other people have their ID revoked which he understands.

First place is points, second place is 50 points, third place is 30 points, fourth place is 20 points and fifth place is 10 points.


Dracyan said B-Crystal is responding to the battle. B-Da RYU said both competitors got 2 points at the same time. Novu VS Ryuji” Transcription: Dravise said the strength of Kakeru’s spirit, which needs to know the secret of the B-Crystal, gave him that power. Views Read Edit View history. Saneatsu said a replacement can be made if opposing team does not object. After creating a hole in the field gate, Rury Takakura grants Riki Ryugasaki his gear, officially making him a Crossfire player.

After both players fired super shots, Yukihide lost the match.

Naoya approved the replacement. At match day, Yukihide called Reiji under the guise of Daiki. He wishes Riki good dubhed in this and ends his transmission. During the match, Yukihide asked why would Reiji follow Naoya. When it is Kakeru’s turn with replacement Break core, the glove charge was weakened before firing at the 7th pin, causing the marble to bounce off the 7th pin.

B Daman Crossfire Episode 16 english dubbed

Kakeru managed to move the red bomb back to neutral position with successive shots. Despite acknowledging his questions, Takakura tells Riki how he must become stronger to know the answers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Miracle Shot, Kakeru was choosing a loader for Dracyan.

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Saneatsu it was already too late, and ordered to activate super-speed elevator. Saneatsu decided to settle the dispute with a Break Bomber game take place 3 days later, where Naoya would be banished from Crossfire if he loses. Should he win a tournament one day, he will be answered. Riki assures him that they will solve this together and begin investigating.

Kakeru started to glow. Cross Fight’s New Era” Transcription: In school, Kakeru submits a video to Yamashiro. The West Block champion dubebd decided first and then it is time for the East Block championship to be held. Kakeru thought about the broken B-Daman core. Kakeru thought the greatest B-Daman mystery depended on this match.


Subaru moved left and fired 2 shots to knock a row of 2 yellow bombs to Kakeru’s side. Ruri said someone was facing B-Crystal. Can it be true? Episode list [ edit ] No. Subaru and Kakeru ran off. The anime only takes up half an average time slot for a TV show in Japan, meaning that they only last around 11 minutes in a whole episode; however, in international airings two back-to-back episodes were connected to make an average time slot of 30 minutes.

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Although Kaito defeated Takeru for the number 2 position, Takeru was chosen as Yukihide’s teammate. Nazo no reddo doragon tsukai… ” Japanese: Riki offers croesfire teacher to read it from page 95 but she declines and most of his classmates laugh at him although Riki does not understand.

Light streams entered a case with B-Damans, then the B-Damans started to glow and speak. B-Daman Anime series Lists of anime episodes. The girl who entered before confronts Riki and assures him they will not hurt him and introduces herself as Rury Takakura.

Kakeru and Subaru each fired 1 shot, but missed Basara.