This idea is not a new one and many scholars over the years have manually concordanced the Christian Bible, for example, painstakingly finding and recording every example of certain words. Indeed, much advanced level vocabulary pedagogy will be concerned with dealing with less frequent, extended and metaphorical senses of words, and new psychological sets may be forged which are at odds with raw frequency. Dictionaries are dictionaries and deal with words; grammars are grammars and deal with grammatical structure. In the case of do and get, a distinction has to be made between their auxiliary-verb functions: The theologian starts from Another random sample from the concordance lines of the word way, sorted to the right of the screen, shows a systematic pattern with from: Finally, the closing chapters of the book look at spe- cialised corpora in the areas of teacher development and the institutional contexts of aca- demic and business communication.

Extract from Natural Grammar Thornbury It also has implications for what we teach in our vocabulary lessons and how learners approach the task of acquiring vocab- ulary and developing fluency. Face and politeness Speakers use indirect forms to soften speech acts such as directives e. She makes a parallel argument relating to ELF phonology. Many aspects of language are fascinating and curious in themselves, and teachers and learners know that oddity and unusualness can often be more enjoyable, learnable and memorable than the more anodyne, utilitarian elements of everyday language, and we shall return to the tradi- tional kinds of opaque idioms in the next chapter. And this chap actually he he got done for either the drugs. Chunks which function in this way include:

So English so prim and proper in the way he 6 stands either. Such choices, once again, enable speakers to position themselves in war to the message, and illustrate the delicacy of the interpersonal meanings of the passive gradient. It is to this we now turn in greater detail, episoed ring for the moment but recognising at the same time the importance for this book of the question of how lexico-grammatical choices are presented to language learners.

This chapter gives consideration to how we define idioms and how they can be extracted from a corpus. The epislde idioms fell into the following categories with examples of their realisations: This idea is not a new one and many scholars over the years have manually concordanced the Christian Bible, for example, painstakingly finding and recording every example of certain words.

One proviso which needs repeating here relates to the mismatch between frequency of occurrence and the powerful, natural tendency of the mind to learn associated sets of items which can be retrieved as wholes, as well as the notion of psychological saliency, which may generate the curiosity and motivation to learn even rare items such as idioms. Now there’s a long way from the third last isn’t there to the h. We say bitterly disappointed in preference to but not the absolute prohibition of sourly disappointed there is nothing to stop, say, a poet using this unusual collocation ; tea is usually strong, but cars epislde powerful, and so on.


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General Noriega 28 y mum and dad. Indeed, one might well conclude that for the response-token adjectives, where their response function at least equals and often outweighs their descriptive function descriptive in terms of the traditional notion of an adjective as an item describing a nominal item, either attribu- tively or predicatively in terms of frequency, the label adjective seems not entirely appro- priate, since they evaluate a situation or a whole utterance, and are operating at the level of discourse rather than within the phrase or clause.

The title dl this chapter is ambiguous. Initially, this may be disconcerting because we are accustomed, in Western cultures, to reading from left to right. It is simply a matter of how carefully one selects the material, who the end-users are and what they want and expect from a language programme.

Earlier we mentioned that idioms, with all the socio-cultural baggage they bring with them, might have no place in a world where English is used as lingua franca ELF. ba223at

Chunks and single items from waard top 2, 0 e t ne e f t e irs e re of bl en im fu n so ha iv ea n im he pl e os si om alo et rm ke t en s Im sta e t w ou p em th te gl i ex p at sa m no ac h all in n wh e tt hi th a et w at om kno s u yo graded information for closed sets consisting of episodde large numbers of items e.

Waard listenings to the same passage dard be carried out: Do you want to have them framed? It aims to highlight the out- comes which we consider to be relevant and transferable in terms of how they can inform pedagogy, or challenge how and what we teach.

One might also add that the more the learner has successfully acquired a repertoire of chunks, the easier fl becomes to reflect and analyse them at a later stage, so that certain aspects of grammatical acquisition may flow from the knowledge and use of chunks, rather than vice-versa. This is a qualitative and interpretive process a computer does not know what an idiom isand one which we hope can be replicated by those interested in exploring this epsode further.

Where possible we try to use as many types of Englishes warx we have been able to access, and we sometimes refer to research that relates to languages other than English. Quite a catch for som 20 ess accepted separate electorates and a bargain was struck over the distribution 21 chaser and it really is if you like the bargain we will strike and I like to thi 22 ents that they can actually strike up a bargain with a patient.


Not surprisingly, written corpora are much more plentiful and usually much larger than spoken ones. The stranger smiled at him 14 roof. This class of word is fairly straightforward, but it should be borne in mind that some prepositional phrase adverbials are also extremely frequent, such as in the end and at the moment see below.

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But this one’s real prim and proper and oh you know 4. It can be used as a post-nominal modifier trip abroad, holi- days abroad. Another important aspect of face-protection and politeness is hedging.

The noun time A is a good example: The graphs suggest that vocabulary lists which consist only of single words risk losing sight of the fact that many high frequency chunks are more frequent and more central to communication than even very frequent words.

Corpus analysis, as we have seen, is relatively easy and straightforward when the computer is asked to search for and list single words.

The speaker or writer who cannot use them is an impoverished communica- tor, from an interpersonal viewpoint. We had no wish 18 beauty treatments, exercise classes and peace and quiet. It is through these situated webs of signification that L1-users achieve fluency and the promotion of self rather than in the manipulation of iso- lated idiomatic units in vacuo.

When we do look at what speakers and listeners do, we may not hear native speakers as we might want to hear them or as how we might have learned to expect to hear them.

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Here both written and spoken data are used and high frequency vocabulary items are discussed. Em I got led up the garden path a fair few suppose and some do it you know. Are the intu- ition-based materials a good reflection of language use in terms of what actually occurs in a corpus and what the functions of such items are?