The security does not let Vishwaveer enter Gauri’s classroom. Seeing their love for each other, Majira tells to herself that it would be nice, if Vishwa accepts Kali as his daughter too. Baal Veer Episode 30th December. This shocks Jethi Bhabhi and she decides to use Kaali to against Vishwaveer. Will Vishwaveer learn that he has been lied to? Later, Gauri starts playing with crackers and just when she is about to get hurt by a cracker, Kaali saves her. What will Vishwaveer say to Manjiri now? When the men insist that it is a government job and it cannot be delayed, Madhuri tells them the count of the members of her family but does not count Kaali in.

Finding this opportunity, Jethi Bhabhi says that Kaali needs to be punished for her mistake. Keep watching the engrossing episode of ‘Kaala Teeka’ to find out. Who locked Kali up in the refrigerator? Keep watching the captivating episode of ‘Kaal Teeka’ to find out. On the other hand, Jethi Bhabhi wakes up and decides to get Kaali out of the store room. Jethi Bhabhi questions Vishwaveer about Neelkant’s share in the property.

Professione bigamo cast Jaws movie Agents of smash episode 18 Later, Jethi Maa makes a plan to kidnap Kaali.

What exactly is Jethi Maa upto? Latest movie releases november Nike air max plus tn release date Hetalia beautiful world dvd release Watch kung pow 2 tongue of fury free online Contoh drama pendek tentang pendidikan Musique italienne playmwza enfin veuve Cerita film black swan Peavey mark viii series Numbers tv show episode 1. When Gauri is asked as to where Kali is, she claims that Kali is locked up in a refrigerator.

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People start looking for Gauri and Kali and the former is found lying near a furniture. Later, Gauri and Kali discuss about their birthday and tell that they would be visiting different places tomorrow.


Keep watching the engrossing episode of ‘Kaala Teeka’ to know what happens ahead. Baal Veer Episode 29th December.

Will Kaali be able to get Gauri back home safe? Vishwaveer takes his daughter, Gauri to school along with Neelkant, who shows the world to her.

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Vishwaveer replies to Jethi Bhabhi that he cannot share his property with Neelkant and all that he now possesses will be transferred to Gauri. Vishwaveer tells Jethi Bhabhi that whatever she playmaaza saying is right and this would help the child in her future.

She tells Vishwaveer that he is educated and he cannot be superstitious. Kaali questions God why he made her. Keep watching the engrossing episode of ‘Kaala Teeka’ to find out. Gauri tells her father that the kidnappers had taped her mouth and were talking about twenty lakh rupees. She asks her father as to where Kaali is.

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Some officers visit Vishwaveer’s house as they suspect that a child in the house is being mistreated. Jeethi Maa tells Vishwaveer that the celebrations could attract playmazz evil force to which Vishwaveer says that is exactly why he adopted Kaali to protect Gauri.

Baal Veer Episode 30th December Later, Vishwaveer leaves the documents related to the college that is being built on Gauri’s name at the drawing room. Later, the doctor checks Gauri and Kali and tells Manjiri to ask Vishwaveer not to worry about her.

Keep watching the captivating episode of ‘Kaala Teeka’ to find out. Vishwaveer gets angry learning that Kali had made a mistake. Kaala Teeka Season 1. More Videos of Kaala Teeka. Baal Veer – – Episode – 29th December, Meanwhile, Jethi Bhabhi grins saying to herself that her plan is working out well.


Just then, Gauri reaches the scene and calls out Kaali’s name in front of the men. The students and the teacher vacate the classroom except for Gauri and Kaali.

Rani Pari reveals Baal Pari that the time plsymaza arrived when Baalveer has to perform a task for which Tags: Baal Veer – – Episode – 29th December, Wapsow. Vishwaveer is able to find the girl child and takesher along with him to the hospital. Will Kali be able to save Gauri? What will Vishwaveer do ahead?

He tells her that for over 80 years, his playmaz has never borne a girl and he wishes to have a girl. Kaali says that when she questioned Manjiri about her identity, she did not get any reply but Manjiri started to cry.

His sister-in-law tells him not to take things seriously. Jethi Bhabhi hires two thugs and asks them to dress like clowns and show up at the event organized by Vishwaveer. Then onwards Jethi Bhabhi starts treating Kaali well and claims that she is her daughter. A politician, who visits the party, starts talking to Kali and tries to insult Vishwaveer.

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Kaali, makes a hole in the gift veerr and peeps out and repeats the rhymes taught by the teacher. Will Vishwaveer thank Kali for saving Gauri’s life? Meanwhile, a couple curses God for giving them a girl and decide to bury her alive.