Surely they care fir her too, NOT!!! As I was watching it I thought it was a suicide note, but when the cop read it at the restaurant I decided it couldn’t be because he didn’t immediately run out the door. Is this the cyclical nature of the universe? In fact, out of the four geographical locations in Babel , the only one not visited by the film crew is San Diego. For me I wondered, what does Brad Pitt and this maid have to do with the Japanese girl? So the events happen like this:

Susan is dressed in a white blouse that makes her fair complexion and blonde hair stand out even more in the Moroccan setting. It also plays with our stereotypical view of other cultures — the Mexican wedding being a prime example. The way you react says more about you then about what you want to tell us. Split up into three narratives—the Moroccan, the American-Mexican, and the Japanese—the integrated narrative is not difficult to comprehend; the mosaic elements are large tiles of story-boards which run more or less in an easy-to-interpret linear program, although the chronology is not, strictly speaking, linear. What did the old Moroccan woman give to Susan Jones to smoke while suffering from her wound? It was used to show her as a human being. Definitely not a perfect movie, but man does it home with some of the stories. Jul 15, 8, 0 0 Wellington, NZ www.

Why did no one think about screenshoting the note or at least part of it? One element I notice on second viewing struck me as an ingenious technique that is directed towards pure film per se. For a better experience, gabel enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

I just took them picture. We all knew that much Bust the dad and deal with the mental girl, or try to forget it.

Babel. What did the Asian girl have to do with anything, again?

The disco scene in Trainspottingdirector Danny Boyle also played with experimental expressionistic montages, though humorously adding subtitles to clue the hearing into what they were missing because of the wall of deafening sounds. The deportation of Amelia, a Mexican working as a domestic in the U.

It is also refers to an old Christian story which everyone knows about. Why the Japanese mother committed suicide?


What does the title mean? FAQs 10 Spoilers 0.

The mother was killed by the very rifle that the father gave away. At a later time, I enjoy viewing the film again with keener acumen, to notice and record critically details Letfer missed in seeking enjoyment through pure entertainment.

All the ethics and morality and customs we as Westerners are clueless about concerning the middle east.

Faces are better understood than words. Endgame trailer 7 mistakes in Beetlejuice you never spotted Mofie movie trivia Captain Marvel trailer finally arrives Boys do not have patient to deal with her. I thought she was already deported to Mexico. Cute, but she still has a hairy monster. What d’you mean why? Early in the film she complains to her father that he never pays attention to her.

Babel does not ask the viewer to solve any crime nor to seek out the origin of any sinful behavior; just about everything that goes wrong is laid out before the viewer. Does the radio station really exists or is it a fictitious scene? For the best answers, search on this site https: In other words, could Babel be seen as a metaphor for a transnational cinema that. I noticed a few details that I had missed during my first viewing at a theater.

Thus her erratic behavior, of which her father must also have some experience already. Jan 14, 41, lteter 0 Los Angeles, CA. It’s a critique of isolationism, power and privilege that is most explicit — or at least, assumes the greatest resonance — [in the part where] Western paranoia turns an accident into a full-blown international crisis. This film was utter crap in a bottle. In fact, out of the four geographical locations in Babelthe only one not visited by the film crew is San Diego.

“Babel” star breaks her silence

This is partly due to the fact that the scenes supposedly taking place in North America were actually shot in Tijuana, Mexico, and, of course, so were the Mexican scenes Kaufman. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. I didn’t understand the final scene at the hospital.


We see her looking outside the bus window, for instance, but we do not see what she is looking at because her gaze remains largely unmediated baabel the viewer. Was it chiek dad who actually killed her? It is right after this assurance that she writes the note and gives it to him. Dec 20, 14, vhieko 0. Not only is chronology manipulated, as in the flashback sequence just described, but so also is the camera angle of perception, i.

Susan filmed from outside the bus window.

Second, I see that a time line is established for when the detective reads the note. Ahmed implicitly reminds Yussef and the viewer that his desire is taboo, but Yussef does not appear to be embarrassed by his sexual attraction towards his sister.

She lies to the police, who she thinks are chielo up investigations to make life miserable for her father. Go to page 4. Rinko Kikuchi is cute.

Just wanted to connect with someone who felt the same. I will only touch upon Chieko as it is late. Within the context of the film’s narrative, the shooting accident inevitably assumes political motives. The exchange of goods and money advances in conjunction with tourism in poor countries.

The world is captivated by the thought the white American woman has possibly been shot by an Islamic terrorist.

Babel () questions and answers

Based on the news clip we see the wife is released from the hospital 5 days after being shot. By the way, it is both a baffling and beautiful movie at the same time. There are lots of other small themes which I omitted Like everyone lost someone to death in the story arcs, the butterfly effect: Create an account Support the site on Patreon.

She had everything to do with the movie sucking the shit out of my ass.