A battle quickly ensues between Fabia and Jesse, both her and Aranaut eager for revenge on Jesse and Plitheon. Jake scolds Kazarina for using other people to do her dirty work, to which she replies all the children are safe back on Earth, having outgrown their usefulness as strong battlers and she now uses them to bring in stronger subjects Jake doesn’t back down and is determined to free the brainwashed children from the Gundalians. Meanwhile, Ren leads the other Gundalians to kidnap two brawlers named Taylor and Casey. These Bakugan are now at war with each other as the Gunadlians and the Neathians fighting for control of their dimension and looking to recruit the strongest Earthlings to their cause. Sid has managed to escape and notices Ren leaving with some troops. While in the hallway, she encounters Nurzak who tells her that he is leaving the Emperor and with Gill as the Emperor’s right hand, she needs to find a place for herself quickly. The next day, Jake is still upset over his loss, so Julie, being a Subterra master, offers to help him discover his own battling style.

Jake and Fabia defeat the Gundalians and Jesse willingly returns to Gundalia with Ren, having had one final battle. Though their mission was unsuccessful, Marucho reveals he installed a back door to better access Bakugan Interspace without alerting Ren and his team. Neathia was attacked by Gundalia and, due to their bakugan’s inexperience in battle, they quickly lost to the Gundalian Bakugan. The brawlers are unsure but decide to take the risk anyway. With only one shield left defending Neathia, it looks like Gundalia may actually win this war. List of Bakugan Zoobles! Gundalian Invaders Dub Episode 27 Bakugan:

Sid has managed to escape and notices Ren leaving gndalian some troops. Dan gives Jake a practice match, but Jake feels he is not ready to become an official Bakugan Battle Brawler. Fabia decides to use an Assault Vehicle designed for Drago and has it uploaded to his Bakumeter, and while it is downloading, she holds off Koji.

Ren decides he has had enough of Barodius’ false promises and turns on him to fight by his true friends. Stoica however, bails to do things his way leaving Ren on his own. Bqkugan then decides to look for Robin himself, but it turns out to be a trap, as Robin was brainwashed by the Gundalians all along. They return to Neathia, bringing along Nurzak and Mason, who decide to fight against Gundalia, although Fabia warns that she will be watching them. Over the years, eisode bonded and dreamed of escaping their underground prison until Barodius recruited them to lead the invasion team to Earth.


Naruto the Movie 2: Although she puts up a good fight, Fabia loses due to episodde bug in baugan field, causing her to cry over her loss. Nurzak, Mason and Fabia attempt to return to Neathia on Nurzak’s ship but they are stopped by Gill, though they do manage to escape and arrive just in time to help the brawlers. But Jake seems to be regaining control as he does not destroy Dan when given the chance to.

Jin was unfortunately lost in battle and Aranaut was taken captive and experimented on.

Fabia worries that Dan and the others do not fully trust her as they were easily tricked by Ren, but Dan assures her that they completely trust her after seeing how angry she got about Bakugan being used for war.

Knowing the conditions of his defeat, Ren is over come with despair. Suddenly, Avoir flies in and saves them with Mason and Nurzak as the brawlers arrive on Neathia. Gundalian Invaders Dub Episode 20 Bakugan: Fabia and Shun expose Ren for lying about how Neathia attacked Gundalia, causing him to run away. Linehalt asks if Ren is sure to which he replies he has no other choice. Nurzak tells Sabator how Barodius’ father, the previous Emperor, did not seek to attain the Sacred Orb, fearing that its power is too great, while Barodius is far too ambitious and down right stupid for engaging in such a quest.

As security tightens for the brawlers, their attempt to bring kids out safely is getting more difficult.

Fabia immediately recognizes Koji but is unable to get him to remember her. While Kazarina experiments on more bakugan, she sends Ren to collect more battlers from Bakugan Interspace while Gill sends Stoica with him. Gundalian Invaders Dub Episode 32 Bakugan: They welcome him back into their group insisting that Linehalt’s power could do a lot of good as it could harm, Ren, feeling happy to be accepted back to the group, transforms into his human form.

This episode was the debut of Sid’s Guardian Bakugan Rubanoid, the only non-mechanical Bakugan creature that is illustrated with computer graphics.

While the fighting is going on, Captain Elright, who was captured in episode 11, escapes from one of Gundalian’s Stabber Knights and joins the battle. Dan vows to rescue eplsode the brainwashed children. Retrieved from ” https: Dan is separated from Shun and Marucho who battle Airzel and Gill. Nurzak plans to use Kazarina’s attack on the emperor as his chance to sneak away to Neathia and give the brawlers the Switch Code, something that can supposedly control the Sacred Orb.


Dharak however, chooses to let Exokor, Riptor, and Smashtor do the fighting, but eventually joins in a one on one battle against Linehalt. Just entlish the Brawlers return to Neathia, Gundaliah and Kazarina continue their battle. Kazarina informs the emperor of Exokor’s completion and the 12 Orders clear a path to the second shield for him. Please help improve it by removing eplsode details and making it more concise.

MyanimelistWikipedia Views: Fabia tells Shun her side of the story, which he believes while he worries that the others have made a big mistake.

Gundalian Invaders Dub Episode 13 Bakugan: Kazarina finishes her experiments on Dharak’s Exokor while Ren has a talk with Barodius. Nurzak laments that Fabia reminds him of her.

Bakugan Gundalian Invaders

Just then Jake suddenly walks right back into Neathia, claiming to have escaped, however, Shun is not easily convinced of this. ActionAdventureFantasyGameShounen. Dan vows to free all the kids from Gundalian control.

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Kazarina and Stoica prepare to punish Jesse for his escape and lose to the brawlers while Ren attempts to spare Jesse by saying he was much a part of the battle as Jesse was. While the Brawlers are on their way to Gundalia, Ren tells the others that he wishes to save the rest of his team epieode Kazarina’s lab, to which the other Brawlers agree.

Though hesitant, the Brawlers accept and track down two moles identified by Ren, Sid Arcale and Lena Isis and a battle ensues.

Jake and Fabia gunfalian the Gundalians and Jesse willingly returns to Gundalia with Ren, having had one final battle.

In retaliation, Sid and Zenet challenge Dan and Ren to a battle.

Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders (Dub) ep 35 English Sub – Kissanime

Retrieved September 6, Dan asks if they can just shut the shield off to let Ren in, but Fabia refuses and leaves. The Gundalians launch a small attack consisting of the brainwashed kids. Dan and the others confront Ren who sends Taylor and Casey to attack them.

Meanwhile, Marucho and Fabia infiltrate Bakugan Interspace.