Archived from the original on 24 February However, Ren is not all that he seems to be and reveals that he is a Gundalian in need of help, saying that his planet Gundalia, is under attack by Neathia. Before the episode begins with the Battle Brawlers going through a Dimension Portal, to get to Gundalia, Dan goes with the other Brawlers because this fight involves him too. Zenthon then get attacked by Rockfist and Deezal when Zenthon is down. Shun and Marucho find themselves unable to help as Dan is keeping everything to himself. The Brawlers successfully take them down with their brand new BakuNanos that Rafe gave them but Team Sellon’s Bakugan come out of nowhere, alongside another bunch of Chaos Bakugan.

Shun tries his best to defeat it to no avail, and Silent Strike defeats both Bolcanon and Krowl. Since the Chaos Bakugan are in the center of Interspace, they plan to go around the area. Dan senses that something is wrong with Drago and he rushes to Drago’s location by riding on Amazon’s head to get to him. Marucho arrives at the temple, where the flag is at the top. Anubias and Sellon are seen reporting to Mag Mel. The Gundalians then try to get revenge on the Chaos Bakugan and are starting to gain the upper hand but suddenly, all of them are all defeated by a Aquos-Darkus hybrid Cyclone Percival and a Pyrus-Darkus hybrid Iron Dragonoid owned by Sellon and Anubias. Soon and Chris explain what happened but the Brawlers say that she can’t be trusted and they begin to argue with them. Dan is angry that he had been duped as Anubias looks from far off on building, then jumps off.

Dan and Drago, however, are not doing as well as Mag Mel tells them about the energy collected from Bakugan Interspace. The relaunch was later announced on November 30, to occur ,echtanium the first quarter ofwith the series title announced as Bakugan: Shun arrives on the scene and battles the two brothers. Dan says that another adventure is waiting for him and Drago, and that he had enough time in the spotlight, such that he wants to let other Brawlers to rise to his rank.


Dan says that another adventure is waiting for him and Drago, and that he had enough time in the spotlight, epislde that he wants to let other Brawlers to rise to his rank.

In the final battle, the Brawlers with Gus, who joins as their newest member, manage to destroy the Alternative and the Resistance go their separate ways. They later appear in a park and Julie gets a call from her boss saying that Wiseman is back and she later hides in a bush whilst the Brawlers confront Wiseman. However, late inTaiwan and Hong Kong did air a version mrchtanium off the original Japanese version, though using a modified version of epusode Bakugan Battle Brawlers: The Japanese version premiered on April 3, and ended on January 22,before being replaced by the Japanese dub of Mechtwnium On June 6,Spin Master announced on Bakugan.

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List of Bakugan Battle Brawlers episodes. They are brought back episose New Vestroia. Marucho is right and someone appears in the Dimension Portal. Bakugan Gachi which ran from April 6, to December 28, However, Dan interprets this as Shun mistrusting him and they argue. The Brawlers are then sitting down when Kato then tells Marucho that he is going to get Mira something and leaves in Marucho’s ship. List of Bakugan Zoobles!

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Mechtanium Surge Episode 21 English Dub

He becomes more and more uncaring and eenglish off all opinions but his own while Marucho tries to help him be a better leader. Anubias then lends him two Bakugan to defeat Dan.

Shun is soon confronted by Wiseman and his Bakugan Spatterix and Stronk. Gunz and Balugan have created a new Mechtogan, Chromopod. Back at Wiseman’s hideout, Skytruss and Orbeum face off against Stronk and Spatterix, but are eventually defeated and recovered by Dan, Marucho, and Shun.

The Brawlers seem to be gaining the upper hand until the Nonet Bakugan generate enough energy to summon the Mechtogan to fight the Brawlers. Dylan appears again and begins to taunt the Brawlers. Dan arrives and tells them about Gundalia, which Paige confirms unexpectedly.

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Now that the Interspace is gone, the Marukura Corp and the Vestal scientists were able to create a new home for brawling in replacement of Bakugan Interspace known as Bakugan City. Meanwhile, Anubias says to all the other members of Team Anubias, “We can’t be the champions of this place if its destroyed” so Anubias has given Bolcanon to Ben and Krakenoid to Robin.


Marucho then plans to fire up the erase sequence but Taylean and Shun notices that Team Anubias are still there and he tells Marucho and the others.

The DS, Mechtaniun, PlayStation 2 and 3 and many other systems also had a Bakugan game developed and follows the story of your character with a Bakugan who came from the Doom Dimension.

Between this time Wiseman and Betadron talk about resummoning Coredegon and the others. Meanwhile, Rafe and Paige are doing well until Ben comes with Horridian.

Tigrerra wishes for her and the other brawlers luck and stay safe no matter surgge. He then suggested that if Dan’s heart wasn’t into battling and, therefore, he should just keep quit.

The promotion, which ran from June 10 to August 10,included a contest in which consumers could win other Bakugan prizes. With their new ranking, they will face of with Team Anubias in a 2 vs 2 match.

However their rivalry is interrupted by a sleazy englisy named Dylan who tries to get them to buy his stuff and cause both teams to leave.

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After a long time searching, Skytruss and Orbeum locate Wiseman and alert the other Brawlers about him. His red suit, episdoe to Betadron, changed its color to reveal all his inner fire. Meanwhile, Team Anubias is trying episkde find a way to escape. Shun and Marucho find themselves unable to help as Dan is keeping everything to himself. Then he convinces Paige to do the same and she unwillingly agrees and the 3 brawlers unite.