Congrats to Yaguruma for finally making a template that groups the countless pages of Kabuto together. I am trying to cite reliable sources for some sentai articles that don’t have sources. Even if I have some problems with his attitude as well. So if you asking why a power rangers wiki, wikipedia is also a place for power rangers articles, YES: Especially the part about the Rider Kick. This vandalism on Super Sentai articles is pointless.

I would like to point out that a few days ago I found a site that had links for fansubs for the series Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger at [link removed, please do not add links to copyright infringement]. Anyone who wants to join this drive sign here. I found out that we should leave the Kensei alone as there is a pun behind the name: Maybe some of you have seen this wiki years ago, when it was nothing more than a copy of existing wikipedia articles to that wiki. I think there’s enough evidence on both sides to go either way. Okay, here’s the first color test.

Views Read Edit View history. Anyway, let’s say they are bootleg, what about the calendar, and the region 2 DVDs in the pictures linked above found by Ryulong?

I found myself constantly comparing everything to the myriad other sentai I’ve seen; this will be evident as this review continues. The scope is huge. A double-column deal, just to make it not such a massive block to scroll past. It wasn’t an amazing team-up or anything, and it was mostly action driven, but that’s what I was expecting.

Which, actually, I realized, they’re not really a sentai archetype, are they? With my recent translating google, wiktionary, etc. Usually Reds are either Above Such Things or so inexperienced as to be unable to be arrogant. I loved Hurri, all of it.

There’s also HK subs floating around the web if you care to try and find them. Project may be stalled right now. I’m only bringing it up because if they are official, then that means that along with that bakutyuu there’s other official merchandise that has it spelled as “Hurricaneger” Guyinblack25 Related to Wikipedia talk: If not, should we not set this up?


Also, how was he able to tote 66kg TinyRobot over his shoulder with just one hand? Subsequent comments zbaranger be made in a new section. I believe my DVDs are actually international releases from Japan, but I did get them off of ebay, so they may or may not be authentic.

bakuryuu sentai abaranger episode 7 veoh web

Kamen Rider TV Series: Anyway, I still believe that it is a romanization error, simply because Katakana is such a phonetically base script. Changed the scarf to something more akin to the original KR. Very interesting but so much ssntai read. It does seem worth mentioning in articles that some merchandise lists them as that. It has been aproved for abaranver references. But anyway, big hearts for the tiny happy one.

FUC violations, but I noticed one thing: Do not edit the contents of this page. Anyway, I still believe that it is a romanization error, simply because Katakana is such a phonetically base script.

bakuryuu sentai abaranger episode 7 veoh web

The article needs serious cleaning up and expanding, along with more sources. I haven’t applied it to any pages yet, because I thought I’d run it by others to hopefully work out any kinks in it. By all means, join me! Seems user Teram10 is determined to add in a section about plotholes, even though that is neither encyclopedic or attributable. Unless his personality is the reason he is no longer a detective?

If anyone needs to make a minor adjustment to this then go ahead and I would like to point out that information like this should be checked if posssible for any inaccurate details zentai PR might have a minor change that would be hard to notice.


Where can I find…? (still a work in progress)

Okay, Sejtai was really skeptical about the Bakuryuu too, and they actually worked out really well, so I think I’ll defer my comments to a later date. I find the lack of assuming good faith disturbing. See herehereherehereherehereherehereherehereand most definitely here.


Senati see that some Power Rangers character articles, expecially avaranger articles about Power Rangers Mystic Force and Power Rangers Operation Overdrive characters are a bit tense for encyclopedia articles.

Out of these, I only really expect for the monster and spell lists to be deleted they’re also not entirely necessarybut the more primary character lists such as that of the Orgs and Infershia are notable, but due to the language constraints the notability is difficult to convey. I realize the other four aren’t really used to this, but I feel like the police academy he talks about all the time would have emphasized team work.

Where can I find? (still a work in progress) – Forums –

This is actually another case of TV-Nihon taking over. Because there are a myriad of crazy sentai romanizations we have discarded in favor of LOGIC, and while I realize it is probably too late to change fandom now why did I not notice anything sooner??? This brazilian site has the whereabouts of an enormous amount of raws on megaupload: Normally, I’d remove them as being WP: GoGoVGaoranger Vs.

I hope that a Tokusatsu page will make it to a featured article sometime soon. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page.

For the List of Den-O episodes and List of Gekiranger episodesI think they should be cut down to around six sentences such that the main points are put forward but not overly descriptive think the preview and the resolution of what happened in the preview. I tried explaining, but it doesn’t seem to be working.