For the rewards, some are class specific while others are not. Looking for the Republic equivalent? Most of this is fairly self-explanatory. The bonus quest to kill bugs had me killing 45, I thought that would take forever, I underestimated. Especially for the weapons. Master Story Story Missions. Just in time for 1. Taris — Spilling Chemicals — Sith Juggernaut orange rewards are http:

The way you’re ambushed by these NPCs honestly feels like BioWare designers and writers are trolling you with these things. The Guns Of Traken So far, you’re neither. For now I have occupied my interest with orange gear hunting: From there I picked up a heroic quest or 2 I honestly don’t remember when, I was a bit loopy after the marathon session to finish this thing and finished a few more quest. Vent your frustrations or tell me how much of an idiot I am for caring in the comments below! The thought of having to put together a 4-man team to complete the final stage of a bonus quest, in a bonus series is somewhat ridiculous. This page will have a list of most if not all of heroic missions and bonus series you will encounter while leveling from 1 to

Finally I was down to the last series of quest involving the bugs from Starship troopers.

Balmorra: Bonus Series 1

Der Widerstand ist dem Untergang geweiht. Daily Bosses General Missions.

I have personally verified the reward data for sorcerers on the Empire side and Commando on the Republic side. Empire — Alderaan H2: Please post Hutta Heroics. Your war’s over, you don’t need me. Achievements Companions Agent Dr. Empty servers, daily grindfest,… looking for some motivation over here.

Heroic quests & bonus series and their rewards–Empire

Most of this is fairly self-explanatory. The Coordinates are spot on though, thanks. Keep in mind that this list does not include any of the normal quests or any of seriea heroic dailies on Ilum balorra Belsavis that rewards Daily Commendations exception: For every mission, there will be.


You’ll help me in the future. Wendet Euch besser an mich. I do hope to hear back from you. And he requires me to see them through.

Heroic quests & bonus series and their rewards–Empire – Dulfy

A game that sometimes feels like it has “too much” content for its own good, but it’s not the content that annoys me, so much as the way it is presented. Would it be possible to add a link to Torhead? I’ll do what your men couldn’t: This guide will hopefully answer some of that question for you.

One of these are “world arcs,” which are cohesive stories that span the entire planet you’re currently playing on and often come to an epic and satisfying conclusion. I’ve even run into a few planets where I thought BioWare simply spared me the torture of a “Bonus Series” spaceport ambush, only to find an NPC on the Imperial Fleet or on an unrelated return to said planet later in the game that kicks off the planet’s “Bonus Series.

If this stuff were all just part of your natural run through of the planet, it wouldn’t bug me at all.

Yeah, I guess you could, but for those of you out there who are valmorra me and want to have to finish everything on a planet before moving on, these “Bonus Series” quest lines will either be a huge annoyance when you just want to leave, or not worth your time at all as you’ve outleveled them or both! Consumable Buffs Healing Miscellaneous. Looking for the Republic equivalent?


Core Motor Parts Sensor. The Old Republicand in the game you’ll find many bonu to experience a number of stories. Vent your frustrations or tell me how much of an idiot I am for caring in the comments below!

X Discipline Builder 5. Graich should be changed to Lietenant Doresh Location: Alliance Recruit Alliance Specialists Companions: Anyways, this page will be continually updated with more reward data as time passes. Before I left that area I had exterminated ‘s of these god forsaken dementor bugs. X — Discipline Builder 5. I picked this up after finishing all other quest lines on Balmora. seriws

Bonus Series? Or Troll Series? You Decide! –

Two comms each if I remember correctly. These are what BioWare calls their Star Wars: Jedi Sage Jedi Shadow. I will see what I can do though. I am very confused why the final boss of a bonus quest to a bonus series at the final stage would suddenly be in a heroic 4 area and not spawn at the end of the second stage. Parlez au Capitaine Laverse dans le spatioport de Balmorra.