Things that irritate me Latest: Labour about to split? Browse our education events. Share This Page Tweet. In a show of steel that demonstrates his desire, nerve, and calm head under enemy fire, Baskeyfield allowed German armor to come within yards before allowing his men to fire. After a short interval the enemy renewed the attack with even greater ferocity than before, under cover of intense mortar and shell fire. Retrieved 5 November By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Only a small group of the 1st Parachute Brigade , mainly elements of Lieutenant Colonel John Frost’s 2nd Battalion , were able to reach the bridge. But his actions were not in vain. John “Jack” Daniel Baskeyfield. Posthumous award of the VC. Archive content sales and licensing. This was no problem for the fearless youngster, who simply crawled to the second gun — whose crew also lay dead — and carried on with the job.

Latest baskeeyfield the BFI Latest news, features and opinion. Classroom resources for teachers. DrewApr 11, The battalion’s anti-tank guns were flown from RAF Manston on day one.

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J Baskeyfield being the sole crew member alive kept first one 6pdr then, when out of ammo, crawling wounded to another 6pdr and single handed taking out several AFVs at yds! Watch films on BFI Baskeyrield. Baskeyfield lay there all alone, reloading, aiming and firing his anti-tank gun at the enemy armor.

During the remaining days at Arnhem stories of his valour were a constant inspiration to all ranks.

Lonsdale’s men fell back to new positions later that day [22] and “Thompson Force” was renamed “Lonsdale Force” when Thompson was wounded on 21 September. The remnants of the four battalions fell back in disarray to the main divisional positions at Oosterbeek.


John Baskeyfield VC: A Mighty Hero of the WW2 Battle of Arnhem

Selling to the BFI. Jack, aged 22, was already a veteran of the disastrous Sicily campaign — which had left him floating in the Mediterranean Sea moviie around eight hours.

Junior Paras fitness guide? Your National Lottery funded project. In an baskeyfiekd German assault, Baskeyfield and his gun crews destroyed two tanks and a self-propelled gun as they advanced down the Acacialaan.

Jim Baskeyfield VC a War Film to watch | Army Rumour Service

During the early stage of the action the crew commanded by this N. Finally, his gun was put out of action — but still the valiant ex-butcher fought on, crawling under fire to another six pounder gun.

This could be the biggest crisis in Stoke City history. He spurned danger, ignored pain and, by his supreme fighting spirit, infected all who witnessed his conduct with the same aggressiveness and dogged devotion to duty which characterised his actions throughout.

Become a BFI Patron. Crime Stoke-on-Trent man, 27, accused of ‘attacking woman in Turkey after she refused sex’ has been freed and allowed to fly home Declan Marshall has been held for five months in a Turkish jail, after being accused of inflicting horrific injuries on fellow touristEmma Higginson. The Allies failed to cross the Rhine, which remained under German control until Allied offensives in March This was designated as Thompson Force, but Major Richard Lonsdale took control of these troops later on in the day.

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Bacongrills 1 minute ago. But Sgt Baskeyfield ordered his men to wait, until finally, with rounds novie all around them the Tiger Tank came within yards of where they were sheltering. The Staffords fought every survival instinct they had to take cover, or run, instead returning fire at the seemingly impenetrable tanks, driven on by their brave lance sergeant. British certification and tax relief. When both crews were put out of action by the advancing tanks, and survivor Jack Baskeyfield found his own gun was jammed, he crawled to the unmanned gun and – baskeyffield handedly – held the German advance at bay until he was killed by a direct gun on the gun he was manning.

Use film and TV in my classroom. As an enemy self-propelled gun sighted his position, lumbering into attack, another soldier crawled across to help him, but was killed instantly. Courts Disgruntled gas engineer stole tools from employer – after being suspended from his job.

Only a small group of the 1st Parachute Brigademainly elements of Lieutenant Colonel John Frost’s 2nd Battalionwere able to reach the bridge.