The drama is worth watching. She is irresistible and more than worthy for any man, and will make any grown stoic man cry as we can see. I still tear listening to the theme song, I will remember you. The drama can be separated into two distinct sections because the events that take place in the first half are relatively more lighthearted than the gut-wrenching heartbreak and overwhelming emotions of the last dozen or so episodes. March , Quick Rundown: Email required Address never made public.

Even though I never read the novel because I couldn’t stand to go through another tragic heartache, I heard this novel is perhaps one of Fei Wo Si Chun’s best works. With his very privileged background, why does he have to station in ChangSha, why must he fight in the front lines? Expected a happily ever after? GCM reports back to duty to an ecstatic General Fang. It is much easier to be dead and worrying about your conscience, than burying the dead bodies of living young men moments ago, vessels for love pouring in still from their dear ones. Spring snow, soldiers are heard marching furiously down the street.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In Octoberthe Japanese army took Wuhan city, and the city of Changsha got in imminent peril.

The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep20

Grandmama bowl in hand, chasing after them, ready to spoon-feed her grown twin grandchildren if she has to, forcing them to eat. You are commenting using your WordPress. GCM reaches for his rifle lf lightspeed. Wind Blows in Changlin – February 09, When I was first exposed to the story, I got drowned in the many names and relationships of the characters.

Lastly, feel free to add quick reviews in the comment section, persuading others to give this series a try! He must have bent a leg arranging for XiaoHe to deliver rice from where they are stationed to the doorsteps of his family, urging his speedy return oof report to him their safety.

When he left them, half of their soldiers have perished and his powerful star general could not get any assistance. The beginning is quite hilarious.

All of them is of a brave stock, having a fire in them to fight the enemy to the end even with nothing, a lot baftle them are so determined they are writing down their wills.

We do not know what will happen tomorrow, we do not even know if we could draam today and live another day. They discuss how to take care of MM, none of them have the time and space…except the Hu family. It is a twisted unconditional love draa beautiful. When XX pondered how reacp have grown, she is quoting the lessons from BiL in her mind; when she is taking up more responsibilities she has never thought she could, but Batgle has faith in her before herself. Thank you for the lovely review.


We have seen him preparing quite meticulously for his family, everything he can do whatever it takes just in case war hits, but if you ask this charismatic thug, he is still betting and wishing on the war never hitting CS as bad, they would never really be in the line of fire, they will be lucky, because if they are not, this is hell, and there is nothing a XJS can do about hell.

I have only one thing I am asking of you, please cherish me dearly. XJS is scrambling the best he can in the ranks, but without the powerful family backing, there is a limit to his authority and how well he can protect XP in the infantry, xrama is where and when a GCM is extremely useful.

The two, however, immediately clash upon meeting for the first time, and an engagement seems highly unlikely. The second phase is led by Liu Haorang’s Xiao Pingjing. If someday she marries you, ok?! He can only oblige. Qingming coming to the rescue of Xiangxiang and her family several times obviously contributes to building mutual feelings. GCM is not aware of the fear, he has a laxer approach, having the luxury to be a rebellious rich boy himself.

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Wallace hardly speaks but watch his facial expressions. The physical survivalistic hell is opposite of hers dead silence, alone with her notebook, when she is dealing with the eternal deafening of death of her patients, of her internalizing every deed at work, thinking of you, missing you, managing a professional, calm front even XM is oblivious of. And so, on this piece of scorched earth, the heroes and children of Changsha, together with the people of Hunan, are facing the challenge of resisting the iron heel of the enemy.

Although Xiao Pingjing also figures prominently in the first phase, his moment to shine is actually from Episode 28 onward.

I remember watching it at night and I was scared with the lf scenes. That is our XX! Glad to know that it is not such a sad ending.

What he intend to be an emotional comfort…now materializes to death wishes. This is the mother of all the best scenes in BoC I have spazzed about it within a post already, so I will save myself and you the time, but I have cute stuff to add.


Of course XJS will not put his every thought on the sleeves, giving GCM the slightest chance to smugly knock down his plan. Give me my rainbow at the end of the storm!! XJS pulls out the will from the fallen soldier next to him, he tells XiaoDi to fetch all the wills from the soldiers. I still tear listening to the theme song, I will remember you. Mei performing a sonnet from Farewell my Concubine when he was in his 60s: She knows she is on his mind too, worrying about her and he can not stand it himself, let alone a young beautiful bright girl full of promise with a life ahead of her.

Dad also nags them they should think about their Sis first…as they hear Sis bursting out in joy in the courtyard. They have to retreat to the second line of defense, but order is down they must recapture BiJia Mt in 2 days. GCM witnessed the toll on the family mourning the death of their young and it hit him so emotionally he calls his Father. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Your tear ducts will be working overtime because so much happens in such a short amount of time.

Battle of Changsha | picadrama

GCM chuckles like a little child at the happy banter, the happiest guy in the room. XP has a serious question on his mind for commander Gu: Video files are RAW p in resolution, encoded by me. Grandmama has not made it for a while and she is fussing she has lost her touch with a smile on her face.

The Chinese way of honoring each family member by how they are specifically refered to is lovely in the sense one immediately knows the place exactly in family and the decorum. XX is having her dinner prepared by Grandmama in the kitchen, she must be so buried in work she can not make it back home on time for the family dinner.

I have been thinking rationally, I can not provide you with anything. No big deal, piece of cake.