Masha’Allah, my sister had a healthy baby boy and I’ve been busy helping her this week. Aiman is a young active Pakistani TV actress who made her acting debut in And any scene that involved anyone other than Mehjabeen was simply not an important scene. In this video I will discuss the method using which you can easily select all types of hair. Relationships can’t be perfect, but if a person is willing to bend, problems can be solved. She has worked with foreigner designers as well. Saaqib needs to stop giving out baseless threats:

Sona Chandi is a classic comedy-drama television serial produced by PTV in There was so much I wanted to say about this episode after watching it – but unfortunately, I’ve since then forgotten what it was I wanted to say! And Saaqib is so depressed and sad about it, but doesn’t do a damn thing? This amazingly talented singer needs no introduction. Every part of the world has their own stunning beauties that make them stand out, but Pakistani beauties bring a new sort of flavor to the world of entertainment. Especially due to the booming global popularity of Pakistani television industry and also cinema. Sidhu Paa Jee speaks about the objections raised by the Indian government regarding his visit to Pakistan in our show, Slips.

Excited to know who the top beautiful Pakistani women are? So any other thoughts to be announced She is not just an actress but has also made her mark as a very talented Artist and model. Beauty comprises seduction, glamour, curvaceous figure. She is known for portraying young, energetic characters, which go well with her age.

The first episode was greatbut like I said, very heavy. A fabulous body and a knock out smile. A woman’s only job is not to “compromise” in difficult situations.

Without any doubt, Pakistan is a land known for its beautiful women. Mansha usually appears in emotional dramas on-screen.

Tuesday, October 29, Underrated Drama Alert: We are also providing the professional portfolio to the models so Stunning Collection of Beautiful Cat Pictures. And NOW he decides he’s deama to take her daughter? Taaya Abba goes to speak to Paras in a moment of regret for what he’s put her through. Humaima really deserves her place on this list of beautiful Pakistani women. In the movie, her beautiful appearance has built a very important place in the history of Pakistani cinema.


Some relationships are so deep that when you see that person, you forget all your problems — that was the relationship between Dawood and Kiran, so it was nice to see that connection when they reunited. I’ll have to endure this one as well. Her flawless beauty and Shinning beauty are the few trademarks of this talented Pakistani actress. Her magic, beauty, and passion for her work as being the key to her success. I felt nauseated watching her antics this week – a car?

Yes, I am generally a little late in my catch-ups – too much going on in life! Arh any scene that involved anyone other than Mehjabeen was simply not an important scene. The perfect figure of Suzain and her overall personality make a perfect place on the list of beautiful Pakistani women.

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Mahira is well known not only in Pakistan but also at international level. This drama has infuriated me. She has seen many ups and downs in her life but yet remain strong.

Gul is undoubtedly one of the cutest and attractive female vocalists with one of the cutest pairs of Eyes. Tuesday, October 15, Eid Mubarak!!

She is a well-known name of Pakistan entertainment industry. And meanwhile, Araiz just sits back and lets his crazy family get away with it all. Posted by Sophia Q at 7: Darmiyan — I feel like nothing is happening…. We wish Maryam the best of luck and appreciate her for encouraging youngsters especially woman to hold to their dream despite the difficulties.


Un ki tanhawa sirf aur sirf You can see Iman in some of the famous films of Pakistan. Emotional actor talented Pakistani young actor crying acting Is emotional acting ke liya ap ke Dil ke andar dard Ka Hona zaroori hai Director and She has demonstrated that a beautiful face can also have an astonishing ability and accomplish aptitudes.

But this girl had loyalty and a heart of gold, so that’s why she obeyed her father and broke off her relationship with Sheharyar. She is talented, but she’s wasting herself on these roles. This amazingly talented singer needs no introduction.

Will Kiran, once again, be the victim of an unhappy marriage?

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Beekasoor goes home to find a letter from Rania, wishing him well and telling him to reunite with his family. Moving on, we see Sheharyar and Paras at their “custody hearing” which was really just a one-woman show in her office where Sheharyar wins custody of his daughter.

Humaima achieved great success in the modeling career and is currently one of the most elegant ladies existing in the beautiful country of Pakistan.

Fzaeela is lucky because a big number of fans are following her on many social media accounts. The actions of each character make sense. But from there on, it turned into a big fat what? Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation’s 29 properties worth 3. Dramas I’m Currently Watching: One has to admire the character of Eeshal and how nicely Mehwish has played her role.

Also, I have to mention that her reaction to her husband’s accident was by far the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.