The 3 girls who win the push over challenge, will compete in this challenge. Shelly puts up little effort to win, and goes to cheer on Rocky during the challenge. Amy 4 of 6 votes to eliminate. In part two of the reunion, Nancy and Camilla reminisce over their steamy relationship, Paula pops off over Stephanie and Valentina’s betrayal, and Sarah and Shelly bring the battle to the stage, confronting Alicia on starting things she can’t finish. In the Battle Challenge, consisting of 3 rounds each girl was matched up in a one on-one battle being harnessed back to back by a 7-foot rope. Elease attempts to explain herself to Camilla which ends with up into a physical altercation. During nominations for Gold team things get heated as Amy confronts her team about their loyalty.

Bones and egos are bruised in the Bad Girls Battle Dome as tensions flare in the toughest competition yet, as the six remaining girls fight for their spot in the finale. Then to dress in costume to reel in a handbag hooked to on a rope. Unwillingly, Camilla tries to convince Mehgan to reconsider nominating her for elimination. Alicia mentions Mehgan for knowing how to “play the game”, and which then Camilla calls out Mehgan for being “weak and fake”. Team alliances remain steadfast as new power players rise to the top, sending the weaker girls packing. Old friends Camilla, Danni, and Amy immediately form an alliance, which Valentina suspects and plans to disband. As Alicia explains herself, she calls out Janelle for being “weak” which causes an argument between the two.

Elease states Rocky is her target.

Though teams were disbanded, Red Team members continued to be an alliance. Surprisingly reuion Red Team wins, which shocks Elease attempted to hijack the challenge. Rocky unsure who to nominate is stuck between Elease, Mehgan, and Nancy to go up for nomination. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Once that teammate is released those two must use bolt cutters to create a hole in a chain link fence, to free the third teammate, those three team members would then get a ladder to throw over a wooden wall to free the fourth teammate, the four teammates would then knock the solid concrete wall into pieces using a sledgehammer to free the fifth teammate, those five teammates would then use the battering ram to bust the metal door and free the sixth teammate.

Who will make it to the end and who will be left behind?

Bad Girls All Star Battle Preview 212: The Reunion, Part 2

The gold team feel pressured to win from previous elimination. Elease 6 of 6 votes to eliminate. Mehgan broke 2 records. Reload the page, and enjoy.

Bad Girls All Star Battle S02 – Ep12 Reunion – Part 2 HD Watch

Janelle tries to persuade Mehgan to keep Rocky, but Mehgan is obstinate to nominate Camilla and Rocky. Alliances are shattered as the final four sprint into the season finale.

During elimination Ray J asks each girl to plea why they should stay bbasb2 the competition. After tensions settle Janelle leaves the show leaving Nancy and Mehgan short of a strong alliance.

The Red Team alliance discusses how Shelly is floating by and question her loyalty to their alliance. As tensions settle, Alicia is eliminated from the competition. Amy 4 of 6 votes to eliminate. The first winner would be tull of the Gold Team, and second winner captain of the Red Team.

The girls head to the Battle Reuniln, ” The Price of Beauty ” where each girl goes through bgaxb2 eating stunts, that will entail ingesting vile animal parts and blended concoctionsin order to gain face pieces of themselves to cover a barefaced self-portrait. Elease feels relieved since Camilla is gone, and feels she can be trusted within her alliance.


The Red team worry about Elease’s loyalty to them because of her interactions with the Gold Team.

Sarah suspects an alliance between Paula and opposing team member Mehgan, which causes a rift between the Red Team. As the episode begins, Janelle and Mehgan are fukl having a conversation about the previous elimination. Team alliances remain steadfast as new power players rise to the top, sending the weaker girls packing.

Camilla worries and confides in her secret alliance, Elease who convinces the Red team that Alicia is a threat. The fix is simple – turn off Compatibility View mode. For more on site FAQ. Due to health concerns Shelly decides not to compete in the Captains Challenge, but participate in the Team Challenge to support her team. During nomination, the Gold Team decide to vote Alicia, leaving a tiebreaker between Camilla and Bagsb2, team captain Bgawb2 nominates Camilla.

Bad Girls All Star Battle Season 2 Episode 12 Reunion Part 2 – DDotOmen

Ray J comes into the house revealing to the girls that there are no more teams and bgas2 there will be only one battle challenge, and gifted the girls new uniforms. Worried she’ll be nominated, Mehgan convinces Rocky not to nominate her, Rocky in return asks Mehgan to vow she won’t nominate her anytime.

Janelle 5 of 7 votes to eliminate. Unwillingly, Camilla tries to convince Mehgan to reconsider nominating her for elimination. Old teammates shake things up as Camilla voices her frustration over Elease’s two-faced actions and Rocky rocks the boat with her former friends to test where their loyalty stands.