You are going to kill me one way or another. We can find their location from Asil’s cell phone. They will come and prepare everything. Have a good evening. Everything is fantastic, isn’t it? Don’t make me talk Wonder if he is drunk, or what Allow me, I am going to perform two rakat prayer.

Then they hold me responsible. How are you doing? He will take care of himself. There is a wedding inside. The police will handle the rest of it. Didn’t he do anything to the horse later on? Harun said, “We will miss you, if you are not there,” and forced me to come. I hope to God it continues

What if everything goes wrong? Subtitlees, if you don’t want to take part in crime, then talk We won’t even let a bird fly through here. And, if she gets cold, her husband will be with her. Didn’t you want a car?

Bir Bulut Olsam Episode 13 – English subtitle | Readable

And the bride was kidnapped by force. How are you doing?


What is going on? Yes, everything is fine.

bir bulut olsam-mustafa bulut scene Episode 4-english subtitles

He is wrong but he acts as if he is right! He fooled you and did what he wanted to do.

My uncle wants a quick, lighting wedding. Fear guards the mountains, Salih Our home is on the other side of the border. Bbulut one can reach them. Narin does not accept mustafa her cousin as he is related by blood to her.

Bir Bulut Olsam Episode 13 – English subtitle

Look, happy she is! I will call you. Would I ever leave you alone? It is not nice if I ilsam pick up the phone but I don’t want to talk right now. I missed you too, brother.

Please don’t make me ashamed against that good person.

Bahar, it is very bad this time. Asiye, are you afraid that I ran away with your husband, beautiful? A little bit of hope Dude, this is not a joke. Did you find something?


Last time, Narin went because she wanted to. Why are we in such a rush? Have a ehglish evening. Boys, we have to find Mustafa immediately. It is beautiful, Inci Teyze. Bir Bulut Olsam-episode 1 part 3 urdu subtitles 6 years ago 8. We traced your phone. Hatun Abla, they ask “we know the bride is inside but why bride’s mom is not around?

We will hit the road when the dawn breaks. Again one day, he hid himself under the straws in the barn and fell asleep.