I mean, you cannot intentionally go out and make a cult movie. It was my breakthrough movie into Hollywood. The abnormal, the aberration, the abnormal force of nature. Try to get the budget, if you can get a crew, all that stuff, see if you can successfully raise some money to finance your film. In the grand tradition of existentialist cinema, this movie forces the viewer to question everything they once believed to be true. Notify me of new comments via email. But I thought it was kinda impolite…and I left it out. Number two, work with what you have.

No matter what title you choose to bestow upon director James Nguyen, the fact remains that he is the man responsible for one of the most unimaginable feats of moviemaking in the history of modern cinema: The Perverted and The Fire , they were partially inspired by watching TV news, you know, and what happens in real life. You are commenting using your Facebook account. And I got lucky with Whitney Moore. So I took advantage of nature, the outdoors that made it real and cost me very little money or nothing, next to nothing. That was my intention. And if you come a little closer, I think they may be a little more shocking and terrifying. Do you have any other creative inspirations besides Hitchcock, either in film or other mediums?


So, uh…I had to work with what I had, you know?

Interview with James Nguyen, director of “Birdemic”

Well, I have a history of intergiew beautiful, young talented actresses. The same way this became your breakthrough movie, they also gave their breakthrough performances in it.

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Intervieq Alan…he keeps evolving to be a better actor. I think there was a global warming movie made a few years back. It created a lot of attention and awareness, and actually I was pulled over by a police officer. And they come a little closer, maybe more shocking and terrifying.

intrview I wish…I could get a break from a Hollywood studio. With the huge success and popularity of Birdemic, it seems like you are a hot commodity these days with plenty of projects making themselves available. It was never completed. And I just want to make a last statement.

Did you approach Tippi about acting in this film?

But at what price? How did you manage to balance all those elements?

What are Rod and Nathalie up to these days? I think that Mr.

Special Interview: ‘Birdemic: Shock and Terror’ Director James Nguyen!! – Bloody Disgusting

Do you consider yourself an activist? It happens by accident.

And you know, at least I gave them their first job, okay? That was sold out, [and] at least 20 more sold-out screenings worldwide. But Rod and Nathalie find him later on.


Interview with James Nguyen, director of “Birdemic” – Josh Rubenoff

Impossible, but I also like comedy. The next hot blonde actress. Intwrview I came across Alan Bagh. And what is it…to reduce the use of energy, I have solar lights in my garden, my front yard…the lights are powered by solar panels in them. Number one, Is Vertigo Mr. What are you most excited for?

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But the main story is the attack, the eagles and vultures, you know? Can you believe that? I thought that was really awesome and the audience was great. Were you ever nervous that it might not pay off? Do you have any advice for aspiring filmmakers who are interested in entering the independent film scene as well? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: So that was the major inspiration.

It boasts the intriguing synopsis: