Sometimes love requires that one use a bit of Siliconera September 23, One ending is unlocked and then players have to keep playing until the other 2 are unlocked. Since you completed story mode, i’m pretty sure you know Hakumen is Jin CS is technically “BlazBlue 1. He meets her in CS Story Mode and talks to her about it in an indrect way. To that question there is no correct answer; it can only be theorized until the next game.

Ragna tells Yukianesa to worry less about him and more about Jin controlling it, and says that the time will soon come when Jin will take back everything it’s taken from him. BlazBlue Continuum Shift II acted as a balance patch for the arcade and console versions, and featured a new theme song: Basically, the Continuum Shift makes it so that, instead of loops, there is now a constant flow of alternate timelines where anything can and does happen. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Noel tells Makoto how happy she is to see her because she didn’t know what to do. They don’t care whether the child is an orphan or a noble; although called a family, it’s more of a social hierarchy. Noel says that her name is Kusanagi, and she’s the blade that will destroy everything. Like I said, she doesn’t show up until the very end.

Judges tasked with punishing those who rebel against the NOL. Saya was the one with the shadowed face in the trailer.

A very, very short one. It also has a hilarious Sprite comic series http: As he looks at Tenjou, he begins to realize that something is wrong, but Terumi appears behind him. You saw right through me, Litchi you fox. Retrieved November 15, bazblue They say that it’s the same for the Master Unit and Noel, the successor to the Azure, as well. December 9, NA: However, in the United States, American publisher Aksys decided to not release a Limited Edition of the game due to time constraints and production lead times.


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As of Continuum Shift Extendthe total of playable characters is As he tries to leave, Yukianesa begins invading his thoughts and tells him to kill all of the villagers. Ikaruga Civil War Timeline: If you just want a quickly reminder, it will make it. Everyone’s story is basically a different time loop.

Jin awakens in Ronin-Gai, being cared for by Makoto and Bang, who says he can’t let even a sworn enemy be left to die from injuries. Noel tries to crawl to Rachel, and falls unconcious as she looks at Relius’s evil face one last time.

Like I mentioned a bit earlier in this post, Carl is sort of in the same position as in CT. The military academy is where students of all ages go to study to become NOL soldiers and officers.

Noel – Miss Kokonoe. A Limited Edition was released in Japan which includes a petit Nendoroid of Noel, a mini-script replica of the story, a visual book and glazblue super picture label.

Information on the Imperator’s location is kept strictly confidential, even within the NOL. He asks for water, then knocks her out and takes her keycard.

Jubei tells Jin to come and find him when he’s ready to fight what’s sleeping inside him. Pretty much, the truth is that Noel shouldn’t have been born, and that Noel has taken Tsubaki’s rightful place in the syynopsis. Continuum Shift features at least eight new characters: And because she’s not around, Tsubaki is the one who becomes Jin’s secretary and fights by his side.

Carl succumbs to his injuries and Bolverk releases control, snift her own thoughts come back. Ragna can sense Rachel watching him.



Ragna relies too much on the power of the Azure to defeat Rachel. Relius’s puppet, Ignis, is fully titled “Detonator Weapon: One such was the “Sealed Soldier’s Garb: The three exchange glances and burst into laughter. Completing bounties by other methods, such as reporting to the public office instead or bringing them in without a binding ars results in fees being subtracted from the reward. Even so, the Kisaragi and Yayoi families get along well with each other.

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The item that Madam Rachel has placed upon the insect Ragna the Bloodedge are the legendary Spectacles of Eros, and a powerful magical item they are indeed. Litchi – Don’t worry, Ragna. That guy who rarely symopsis his head actually asked me for a favour.

He does come to the conclusion that he needs to eat a Murakumo Unit and the Azure to become complete, however, and he tries to eat cnotinuum Nox Nyctores Nirvana thinking it might work, but it doesn’t. Yes yes yes, this is it! Anyway, the scientists, when they realized the Medium had sybopsis power of a God, tried to destroy it, then sealed it in the Boundary, and then realized that power is sort of cool if you want to win wars, so they created more.

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