As Conrad and Legolas lead thousands of men to hunt down the remainder of Gran Kingdom’s forces, Zola finally returns and tells them that they will be heading to the Sealed Grounds. She runs into Mikhail and tells him that she will handle the next test. Shu saves a well-endowed waitress called Bouquet from two men’s harassment. Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi help two female bakers prepare a cake display for a town event to earn some money. Meanwhile, General Logi is in the middle of world conquest when his second-in-command Matilda tells him of an important matter. Two years after the world is freed from darkness, a young dragon escapes from a castle. Moments later, the villagers rebuild their village as Shu, Bouquet, and Marumaro wonder how Schmidt was taken down as Noi returns.

Homeron informs Shu and Co. He ends up waking up alongside Bouquet. When they start attacking, Andropov unleashes Alubujem who uses a flash attack to enable his and Kluke’s escape. Upon arriving in the village, Shu meets Tonto’s sister who happens to be a blacksmith. She is given freedom to re-judge the people of the world even after her ordeal with Logi. Upon managing to pull off an attack on Rudolph, Shu ends up outside of the town as Rudolph unleashes his winged creatures upon it. Though Hildegard gets away. Primella continues to glow and makes contact with Shu mentioning how she was a part of Zola before being separated from her by Killer Bat.

Meanwhile, Schmidt finds the hiding place of the villagers and finds their hidden treasure while the Mecha Robos with him restrain the villagers. As Delphinium and Deathroy find a room with giant exo-suits, Eyuu Logi talks with Andropov where the General still supports Andropov when he feels bad about what happened to Schneider. After recuperating, Shu finally gets that replacement part for the Mechat and defeats the bandits before rejoining with the others.


In a stormy volcanic area, Noi runs into Legolas nearby Z’Mey: Zola and the team assault the fortress to free the captives from the city.

Upon eoisode the robotic soldiers and their shadows, Shu and Co. With Kluke in a coma from the battle with Nene, Zola prevents some of Nene’s soldiers from finding the hideout. When Blue Dragon bursts out the cake scaring the kids, Bouquet improvises by having Hippopotamus dress up as a superhero called Hipopotaman to fight Blue Dragon. Back at Rosekstan’s base, Xragon is being interrogated by Captain Varenko.

Blue dragon Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu 47 part 2 3 в blue dragon s2

The Investiture Beings have begun their invasion by attacking towns. At Rosekstan, Primella has a vision of a three-way battle between the White Guardian, Shu, and Fagino and a vision where Lotarus kills Kluke in a flower field. As Bouquet enters the area with the Hippopotamus statue in it, the others fight Nene who brings out Chimera. Noi manages to find a way out which they escape through. The mysterious woman before now known to be named Lotarus is shown to be one of seven shadowy dragon from the castle in the sky.

Noi assumes his dragon form and tries to fight Rudolph, but to no avail. Before getting down to business, she informs the group that Rosekstan’s capital Albarose was destroyed throwing the world in chaos.

Shu and the rest then receive a mission to escort Legolas to a town. Later that dragno, Shu and Jiro lead a raid upon the White Guardians camp. Hildegard has her shadow constrict Blue Dragon as Fagino moves in to eliminate Noi only to be intercepted by General Logi.

Zola and company leave on a voyage, while Bouquet secretly boards the ship.

Jiro also informs them that Delphinium is working with the White Guardians and what the White Guardians has been up to recently. When they find Jibral’s scattered army being attacked, Shu and Co.


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After that, Rudolph unleashes his winged creatures as the Investiture Beings lead them throughout the world as they are noticed by the White Guardians, Jiro and Xie, Kluke and Andropov, Legolas and Conrad’s group, and even Shu’s group as Rudolph’s voice is heard.

Fagino emerges and overloads the spikes that were placed in his mouth. Zola catches up after destroying the robots that came with Lemaire.

Kluke brings out her Phoenix Shadow to use its barrier to protect everyone enough for Shu to use Blue Dragon to destroy the giant robot. After the flashback, a battle between Shu and Andropove then assume where Shu wins with little trouble due to Andropov’s condition.

This results in Kluke getting mad and Shu to say ” Oh no! This episode list covers the Blue Dragon anime episodes to date. Tarkovsky is given the status of the Mast Driver. Zola convinces Shu to join her and Jiro on their journey, telling him the soldiers were after the Blue Dragon and the village will not be safe while he stays there.

The two release their Shadows and fight each other. Right when Shu and Lotarus are about to make their next move, Bouquet interferes causing the match to be a draw. After Bouquet shuts down the Black Shadows, Shu and the others locate Nene’s throne room for the final battle. Lawrence at the same time the guards are interrogating Salinas.

After a fierce battle, Shu and Blue Dragon cause the red dragon to retreat.