First time I’ve failed to keep my word, brother-in-law. You gave a life to him as his elder brother. It isn’t great to have children, any couple would do that. This is unjust, come let’s taKe him to task. A story that moved every nerve My father will not change, you can’t do it. Have you settled down? You gave the responsibility, leave it on me.

Get ready the vehicles. You invited him here and then ordered goons to beat him, yet he’s amongst us with an unfading smile, that is greatness, brother-in-law. You’re no ordinary actor. This is my family photo. Your father must change and he mustn’t like me. How can you dare compare your boy friend with mine?

Have your parents too agreed? Brindzavanam, stop it now. Who is the man who will dare Kill him? We’ll die if we go back also. Two villages are happy. In the big conglomerate Krishna group of companies, he’s a small clerk.


Watch, how I’ll play with him. He united two villages.

Forgotten how I raised you? How dare he’s getting down here!

This flower knows to smile Why am I knowing all the truths? Are you such a courageous man? One can be happy for few minutes from a boy friend, can be happy of few days, but my life has changed because of Krish.

I’ll die there only.

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Because as elder son you must cremate me. I’ve never seen so many varieties of animals. Have you finished them without making a sound, brother? No use at all. Why are you then hard on your own brother Another 1 0 people would be unconscious like him.

Wealth that can last for many generations if spent lavishly. Tender leaves swayed gently She has only one dialogue.

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You know my husband loves jasmine. As her name suggests, she hid everything inside subtitls earth, never shared it with anyone. But your friend always calls me informally. It’s strange I saw lndu’s face.


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Uncle told me to just scare him, you kill that bastard. If he hates him then I like subtitled. I don’t know if she’ll like me or not. Miss you too, dad. Why is he calling so cheaply, uncle?

Entire village must like you. Don’t call him informally, it’s hurting me. Why are you after him? You say hatred and we say surrender, brother-in-law. What shall we do now?