I recently had to start playing again and boy is it taking some time to get it back. Personally I would not get a Buffet student flute if a Yamaha was available. A quintessentially English tone, one that required more of the player but gave more in return. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The head can make or break a flute – and a relatively cheap flute with a good head joint can often outperform a better flute with a less than wonderful head. The standard soprano flute is keyed in C. The time now is Retrieved 24 December

You can do an identical service on a Yamaha and a Buffet flute – and the Yamaha will go a year or more with no problems at all They were the first to manufacture saxophones, besides those made by Adolphe Sax himself. The E probably means split E as there were never flutes in E, some in Eb but expensive today. I can pick up any of the student instruments and make them play, but when I play the Yamahas, it sounds more like a flute, almost as if I actually know how to play it! So the key is vented not only from the pad lifting off the hole in the body of the flute but also through the hole in the center of the key, too,ou can do glissandos and pitch bends by sliding your finger over the holes, and you can play microtones by just depressing the rim of the key, too. That Buffet should be OK if the price is right. I think Flutes are in C?

The fingering is a bit different: Boosey bought out Buffet, and the Emperor became the standard Buffet student flute. Richer and fuller, though with less brilliance and more resistance to blowing.

Grab yourself a yamaha, Armstrong or artley student model.

Today, Buffet Crampon produces three series of saxophones: It’s perhaps a little utilitarian, but then it has a utilitarian price, so no complaints there. Archived from the original PDF on InBuffet developed its famous R13 clarinet, an extremely popular professional-level clarinet.


Flutes are in C.

Buffet Crampon 6000 Series Flute With Case

In a similar fashion, the top end is non too shrill – almost reserved – and some work up this end will not only give you more volume, but more tone too Since the company’s conception, Buffet Crampon has expanded to a worldwide market. Retrieved 23 December Similarly, the foot joint keys are always oversprung and Buffet flutes have never had the lightest action on these keys – and again, some careful adjustment to the springs can really improve the feel of the action.

The series is generally regarded as mechanically superior to the instruments. At the very least, get some lessons with a real flute teacher to get started on proper tone prodcuction. Top of page Guidelines for ebayers and other auctioneers. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The layout of the keys is spot on.

They only get better with age. Cooper Scale – http: I cannot overemphasise the importance of this change, both to the player and to me in my role as a repairer.

I wouldn’t say that the extreme lower notes lacked punch, but the Buffet doesn’t have the immediacy of, say, the Yamaha flutes. I’d suggest instead of buying onerent one for now because although you play a monthly rent ; you get to use a Yamaha The E probably means split E as there were never flutes in E, some in Eb but expensive today. Tom Hagen Play the Musicnot the instrument. See the 9th post here: I’ve always considered this design to be a winner – though as with all flutes student and pro alike it’s well worth going through three or four or as many as possible examples to find the best of the bunch.

The student models tend to be made from ABS resin, whereas intermediate and professional models are usually made from grenadilla wood. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

The professional models are usually made from more select grenadilla wood, and are usually unstained. I always find that the student Yamahas bufffet the best for me. Just thinking about getting a flute, more for curiosity rather than necessity really, first question is the finger board more or less like a sax?


For many years now those Buffet flutes have been a blight on my working day, I can’t deny that I allow myself a small inward groan whenever a client brings one in for a service – and when you consider that Buffet flutes are one of the most popular student flutes out there you can see that I do a lot of groaning. FLute takes alot of practice and time. The development of new models has sometimes led to the discontinuation of older models. Crapmon I disagree with most of the comments above about open hole flutes.

Buffet Crampon series. – Flute Message Board

If you are buying used be prepared to spend some money for repair. InBuffet acquired the Julius Keilwerth company of Germany, taking charge of distribution of their distinctive saxophones. In Buffet began exporting instruments to the US. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They were the first to manufacture saxophones, besides those made by Adolphe Sax himself. Originally Posted by kingsax. Views Read Edit View history. Whats the difference between open and closed holes?

But when they work, they work very well – and that’s what’s kept them at the forefront of the student market.

Basically stay away from low rated brands, do research before you purchase any flute. Two years later Buffet was bought by a French group.