Like McCaffrey, Carter applauded the “uniquely improved [stealth-based] gameplay” and longer length of the episode, as well as the larger environments and return of characters from previous games in the series. Don’t have an account? There may or may not be re-spawned enemies here we are back by the Fink Statue. With that done, let’s explore. With those two taken care of we can explore this area. Booker must have been ambushed or something, huh?

For the door nearby of course. But what security system made that ain’t got a hole or two in it? Burial at Sea Review”. Head into the doors on the left next to find Fink’s Private Quarters! It is interesting to note that the work area has several sky hooks high above. Continue onto the stairway. You’ll find a duct waiting to be used! As Booker realizes what he has done, he passionately apologizes to Elizabeth, but she does not accept this.

Here you can either gas them or use a noisemaker to draw in a nearby fourth devicw and gas them all. Burial at Sea – Episode 1 needs more Humphrey Bogart”.

Read the note on the desk as well.

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode Two – FAQ/Walkthrough

There will likely still be more soldiers, but they should be spread out now and easier to take out. Take a right here and then go into the door in the corner at the end. Big Daddy will not imprint on the little brats.

Another decoded message for you to read. Andrew Ryan Big Daddy Elizabeth. Hope you all enjoyed the guide! They devise a plan to close all but one vent, then raise the air temperature to force Sally to the last open vent so they can grab her.


BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Wikipedia

Anyway, enjoy the story until the next chapter! Enter the vent here at the start of the Surgical Suite and you’ll come to a room with a cowering man. The concept was created by Joe Trinder, a fan and graphic designer, shortly after the reveal of Infinite.

eplsode There are more soldiers patrolling the bottom area. It is hanging up in the air though, so we have to find a way to get it down.

While exploring the store, Elizabeth finds her body impaled by a piece of reinforcement steel, and realizes she had been killed at the same time as Booker; she still exists as her other alternate selves have collapsed into a single body and lacking her ability to use Tears, a result of her deal with the Luteces to bring her to Rapture. Nice, one down two to go. As they argue, Booker is impaled from behind by the Big Daddy.

Retrieve the Ace in the Hole for Atlas. Head into the doors on the left next to find Fink’s Private Quarters! In Februarywhile promoting Burial at Sea: Hey, if you don’t get down here soon, there’s not gonna be an ounce of booze or a piece of ass for the taking! You may as well open it now. Get to the Silver Fin Restaurant Before we go there, let’s check out the cupid shop. People dyin’ every day. As Booker realizes what he has done, he passionately apologizes to Elizabeth, but she does not accept this.

You can blow up the turret now if you want. They’ve been sneaking into the repair bay at night, riding around on the hydraulic lifts. There’s also one of the many entrances to the sub-tunnels. Or one of my favorite things to do: Booker must have been ambushed or something, huh?


If trouble rears its ugly head in the form of one cantankerous negress, I’ve laid in some supplies in the event of a forced evacuation. This is the “Patient Ward”. Keep going to some sort of classroom.

These things can knock out multiple people easily. When Booker attempts to pull her out, he discovers she has become a Little Sister and refuses to answer his call.

BioShock Infinite – Burial at Sea Episode 2: Lutece Device #3

Enter the door on the right and use the projector. Interesting stuff and commentary. You’ll come back soon enough. Using a mixture of the limited spaces of Rapture in BioShock and BioShock 2 with the expanded environment of Columbia from BioShock Infinite allows devcie more dynamic combat challenges.

With our new crossbow, fire a bolt at the man in front of you once the woman is gone. Retrieved from ” https: There is also a locker room off to the left you can explore. It mentions a code: If you want, you can crack the safe now or buy ddvice to afford it. You’ll find a note in the room here. Next let’s go for the CO2 Scrubber.