If needed, TD can be stacked twice instead. Mana Freeze is one of our ultimate debuffs but its effectiveness was greatly reduced after Soul and Siena patch. Has very low cast time and quite good damage. I am curious to see how you will adapt to this change. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Fire Blade increases penetration reduces your opponents defense making your attacks much stronger.

So be more wise when using these skills. Stay tuned for more updates on Force Blader tips and guides! A bike really is another weapon. It’s the shortest duration, so you want the maximum number of attacks before it needs recasting. Tags achievement addition ah arcane trace auction hall battle mode battle mode 3 bike bl blader bm3 buff bug cabal cash cash item cash shop change chaos upgrade charm chloe costume craft drop dungeon dx dungeon eod3 ep8 ep9 ep10 episode 8 episode 9 episode10 episode 10 error eu event fa faq fb fix force archer force blader force shielder fs gladiator guide info item items korean kr mission war mr. Vandom on May 16, Email required Address never made public. Blader was always good, and will still be damn effective in Rising Force, with or without retarget.

P His suggested stats: But unlike other Battle Modes, Force Enchanter requires other skills to be powerful. I look forward to fresh updates and will talk about this site with my Facebook group. The following list is possible combinations to get forcce benefit: Timing of HL is pretty simple. Party with Warriors and Force Archers a lot.

Force Blader Guide – Official Cabal Wiki

Depending on your blade style, when you hover your mouse over some of your attack skills you will find an additional effect.


Get your sword to Completer or Transcender bladeer you have a bit more vuide then go max out your magic But players with over MP are completely immune to it. Next is the skills section. In truth both are effective and differ which BM3 skills that do more damage as well as BM1.

Yes, it might come back again later, considering the huge outcry so far.

[EP10] [FAQ] Astral Enhancement Skill of Force Blader

Second disadvantage is that when these skills fail resisted by resist unable to move they become unavailable. Remember that HP down is multiplied by how many times your HP is raised.

Same goes for the rest, Earth Guard get replaced by stone magic skill, Aqua Vitality with water element skill and your blade buff with fire, ice or lightning element.

Cast time flrce 0. It should always be the last debuff used when debuffing to maximize the use of it’s effects with your attacks. Through the time, I enlarged Mr. No, but Lance Drive gets a root effect Will the level of upgrade skills be reset? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Blade Styles Fire Blade increases penetration reduces your opponents defense making your attacks much stronger.

Wind Cannon increases attack rate forxe defense rate. Lastly Art of Fierceness gets a huge damage boost, but on a shorter duration so it might actually average out. Notify me of new comments via email. This can actually matter depending on your cd. Only use this skill when in trouble or when fighting multiple enemies.


You can only learn up to 16 sub skills, Fade Step and Dash are not included in this list of course you should learn them. Your attack will miss or get blocked but you can use Lightning Blade for accuracy which slightly reduce your damage.

[EP10] [FAQ] [Guide] Rising Force: Class and skill review!

Offensive consists of amp, atk or cd. Since FBs have relatively low base attack, FBs don’t eepisode much damage from amp gears. You can gain 1 point per 5mins if you combo non-stop and with premium and without premium about more or less 10mins with full adept items of course: The order of those is up to you, but I recommend that on your bm3 page, have the 3 required bm3 skills and the 3 strongest guidde skills.

Paste the Extracted Files Always have your friends buff you. For those with no idea to how Force Enchanter works, it goes like this. These cells caval made up of whole silicon crystals that operate better than polycrystalline cells in limited sunlight.

In duels you can use Fire Blade you will combo anyway making strength build efficient. Each blade style grants a unique effect on some of your attack skills This one is not so obvious.