Cafe Kichijoji de Episode 59 0. Cafe Kichijoji de Episode 24 0. Cafe Kichijoji de Episode 10 0. Soco Armetto Lime — Brand New. Just wanted to let you guys know what was going on Click here to see it and check how your oshimen did! Fourth volume of Cafe Kichijouji de! I see all tenderness who is in Yuko.

Cafe Kichijoji de Episode 21 0. Share This Page Tweet. Cafe Kichijoji de Episode 37 0. If someone is going through hardship, we must support each other. Cafe Kichijoji de Episode 60 0. The assistant directors, the cameramen, the sound technicians, the lighting technicians, the recorders, the make up artists, the wardrobe department, the crops department, the production company, the drivers Everyone from all the publishing companies, The managers from all our production company, And, Everyone who has been supporting me even before Ouran, Everyone who has supported me since knowing about me through Ouran.

Anyway, recently I’ve been stalking the twins blogs and it seem like the night before yesterday they went back to Nagoya to visit their grandma who was just recovered from an illness. Cafe Kichijoji de Episode 4 0. Ryusei, who up until the end would not change his own way, stayed true to his principles. I asked everywhere but I never found it, so if anybody knows about it please answer me.


I, with the help of chamegankinda thought that maybe we should have a little icon contest. It’s more interesting to watch if you like dramma I don’t.

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Cafe Kichijoji de Episode 57 0. No no no First you register into Livejournal, after that you search for “asian-doramas” then click “join community”. Cafe Kichijoji de Episode 55 0. Cafe Kichijoji de Episode 61 0. Fourth volume of Cafe Kichijouji de! I appreciate the twins I don’t know if I can ask this here but.

Cafe Kichijoji de Episode 48 0.

I’ve actually got a couple of goodies for you guys today First of all, here’s Manpei’s blog entry from November 8th I suggest you all get comfortable, I think Man is trying to break a record or something. Are you watching it now del?

Speaking of Indigo no Yoru, where did you guys watch it? I met so many people. I felt something from this project. Cafe Kichijoji de Episode 37 0. You can find all of the episode in the link below, but first you need to be a memeber of Liverjournal http: Cafe Kichijoji de Episode 12 0.


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Soco Armetto Lime — Brand New. Cafe Kichijoji de Episode 33 0.

Masaya is always bringing great laughter to the filming site. One innocent question from Tokumi leads to unexpected results Disclaimer: Cafe Kichijoji de Episode 25 0. Maybe some banners too for the user drzma so it’s not all bland and font-sized varied.

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Cafe Kichijoji eatch Episode 21 0. I was just thinking about how cool and sexy Man-chan and Shin-chan looked with longer hair. No, create an account now. It has shounen-ai, please read at your own risk.

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