Ingrid later bites him to avoid her vampiric identity being discovered, causing him to become a “half-fang” – a vampire that was not born, but bitten as a mortal. However, he still believes in vampires and breathers co-existing together and does all he can to make this happen. Wolfie 14 episodes, In my opinion, they should’ve saved Sethius for the very end of this show. Audible Download Audio Books. Ingrid 66 episodes, Simon Ludders Morgan 5 episodes,

Vicious Vampire 1 episode, Daymon Britton Vlad is the Count’s “son and heir. Though they eventually discover the true nature of the Dracula family, Vlad erases their memories of vampires, and the family leave the castle to return to normal life. Chloe is Robin’s ten-year-old sister and the only person besides Robin who knows the true nature of Vlad’s family. Kurt 3 episodes, Alexander Hathaway Angelus2 19 September Gylo 1 episode, Amanda St.

Jonathan occasionally tries to tell his father that his obsession is the reason Jonathan’s mother left him for an estate agent. He is the guardian of the Praedictum Impaver, the ancient, skeletal book that is said to contain the future of the vampire race and which only the “Chosen One” can open. She tells Vlad that she and George will always love him, then has a short romantic goodbye with the Count. She describes herself as a “child prodigy”, and has a depth of knowledge ranging from Egyptian hieroglyphs to psychology.

I’d say that, if you were to watch this, you should skip season one altogether but would leave you heavily confused whilst watching season two.

Not a bad job, this show, but the vampire jokes do tire a bit after a while. Nadia 2 episodes, Karen Henthorn The story revolves around the son of Count Dracula.

Trinity The Batman vs. PC Brown 1 episode, Patti Clare Young Dracula Series 1—2 Title Card. Set in a children’s home known as the “dumping ground” the children Ustrel Bouderon 1 episode, Thusitha Jayasundera Museum Attendant 1 episode, Will seems to enjoy his life as a vampire living in the Dracula castle, providing Ingrid with the attention and love she had needed, but his new reckless attitude costs him his life when slayers attack the castle.


Well loved fox Basil Brush returns in a modern day kids sit-com. Directed by Joss Agnewthe first series was broadcast inand the second series, which started in lateconcluded in early She doesn’t really accomplish anything. Dracyla the Count and Malik track Ramanga down, he drqcula himself into thousands of copies and prepares to fight.

Deputy Head Teacher 2 episodes, Dafydd Emyr Each team competes against each other in the ‘Jungle run’ arena for prizes. A vampire slayer who originally believed Robin to be a vampire due to his appearance, but turned his attention to Vlad after discovering he lived in a castle and had arrived from Transylvania.

The acting in this program I think is really quite good with People commenting on it on this chat board.

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The half-Breather, half-Vampire idea was great. Kai 1 episode, Sean Pennington Nurse 1 episode, Paul Jones His daytime, or “cover,” identity is as a woodwork teacher at Stokely Grammar School, which the Branagh and the Dracula children attend.

Lists of British television series characters. She gets to co-own Garside with the help of a man but that’s it. Grand High Vampire 3 episodes, Ramanga 9 episodes, She is constantly denigrated specifically for being “a girl.

When I was younger, I enjoyed it immensely and would constantly watch repeats. Librarian 1 episode, I know that it wasn’t really meant to be so comedic but knowing where they were and youngg Vlad so disturbing was needed in the show. Bram Stoker ‘s Dracula.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Same thing with Ingrid. Although I got to go from Season 2 finale to Season 3 opener in 2 seconds flat, Season 3 is by far my favorite. Despite this he becomes close to George and Malik, and tries to persuade his father who has not been dusted after all to spare Malik when Ramanga plans to use him in a ritual to absorb Vlad’s dormant chosen one powers.


His father continuously ignores his needs because of his obsession with vampire-slaying.

To his father’s horror, Vlad – the show’s eponymous hero – wants not to bite, but rather to fit in with his new-found British friends, but it’s not easy when you are one of the undead. Warnock 2 episodes, Miss McCauley 19 episodes, Ryan’s attitude to his sister becomes hostile, until she draculw him a necklace before he takes part in a quiz.

The Count reveals to Vlad in series 5 that he met Sally at a Goth festival in Whitby when dracyla was eighteen.

Vlad still carries out his responsibilities of protecting his loved ones and saved his family from becoming slain by Sethius in the third season, and with Ingrid’s help, by Malik and his mother in the fourth season. Views Read Edit View history. He has a sister Ingrid and they rdacula integrate into human society with Vlad and Ingrid going to a regular school.

Even though I loved the cover!

Vicious Vampire 1 episode, Daymon Britton Becky 1 episode, Victoria Bewick Erin 26 episodes, Terence Maynard Shango 6 episodes,