I love that this drama took its time to subvert those two principal social biases with the characters of Se-kyung and Seung-jo, presenting us with two ordinary people who act and react according to socially imposed constraints while a trying to find relief from the pressure and b discovering that they might find happiness beyond those constraints. Because I saw him in Personal Taste I never thought high of him. She is stoked that things are going as planned. In high, high heels. Each to his own]. What did you pray for? I hope he and Seung-jo can come to some sort of an understanding. To her, loving someone is very precious but she is afraid of how to love when she has nothing.

Show down on roof of a multi st orey car park time! The elevator doors open. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Seung Jo tells her he needs to apologize to her. She has to act like the person she was before. I hope this will be a quick resolves so We get some cuteness before next angsty secret out. She likes the Prince and the Prince likes her too. I’m currently reading ‘Vanity Fair’ and the plot synopsis drives an excellent point:

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He decides he is going to ask Han Se-kyung out the following day. Or is Yoon Joo, the one now regretting her past, the real one since we are not certain what she’ll do once she learns of Se Kyung’s White Rabbit.

Dong-wook is hankering for updates regarding his confession. It’s hard to tell what her feeling are for her husband though he seems like a sweetie, so I hope she does love him.

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She passes by the Artemis building and she looks up sadly. Tommy tells his assistant to find out where Se Kyung is right now, it might be very easy to end this immediately. I knew these two ladies would be awesome buddies!


But of course, it will not happen that way. You are right in saying that knowledge —about ourselves or otherwise—can be destructive. The following day, Dong-wook assists Seung-jo in looking for Se-kyung by visiting her home.

Cheongam is how people make a wish during Christmas time.

How far would our lives go before we end up just like her? Seung Jo agrees on the honesty part.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 8 Recap

That is the nicest thing you can eong about him at this point. Then she lies some more tin order to explain the crying: She hangs up, and Seung-jo falls into despair.

AND she left her phone behind. Honesty is the best policy All of that is just like fashion, like the clothes you are wearing. It has been nagging at me for 8 episodes now that he still has no idea that there is no perfect person nor women out there to fit his ideal. The following day, Seung-jo has still had no contact from Se-kyung until he finds a letter and his gifted package on his desk from her.

I’m not criticizing Han Hyo Joo, folks] I swear, you could burn down Dong Yi’s ancestral home, slaughter her cats and cut both of her arms, and this chick will look at you with candid warmth and say, “I forgive and I love you. But in the end, he finds out where Se-kyung cheongcam. How did you create this character, show? And SK’s original phone was pretty huge too, even before she got a new one from SJ.

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Seung Jo is in a meeting and tells the team to set the episde again, it must be higher or lower not some middle tier where anyone can afford it.


He flashes back to the moment when Se-kyung bolted and left her phone on the dpng. Is that just the latest thing and South Korea is way ahead of the game having even supposedly lower middle class children use phones that look like Galaxy Notes cross reference to School or just product placement or what?

I feel so badly for her. Tommy Hong watches and listens. Cha Seung-jo happens to witness the scene and he orders the company not to go after So In-chan anymore.

Instead, she calls Seung-jo. They have done it and are encouraging others not to go down the same path. Maybe he realize Se-kyung loves him sooooo much that he’ll forgive her and they can live happily ever after.

I thoroughly enjoy watching Se Kyung’s character unfold, as she seems surprised herself at what she’s capable of doing cheongfam much the viewers. Cha Seung-jo bumps into his father, Cha ll-nam, and they have a very unhappy conversation. Se Kyung cried because she was aware of what she was becoming. That subtle shift in his eyes when he meets eyes with his father, and going to extremes for ridiculous Seung Jo.

Min-hyuk and In-hwa arrive at the party as well, and Min-hyuk has a good view of Se-kyung. Money and love can exist together. One of the few really normal people in present kdramaland althogether.